Thursday, February 9, 2017

Two Finishes and a Start ~

I had so little left to hook on this rug, but for whatever reason put it off all week.  I finally pulled the last of the loops this evening.  Hopefully at a later date, I can get a better picture.  Maybe when it's bound . . . lol . . . so it may be a while.

Some of you may remember this little Polly Minick whale I hooked as a door prize for last year's Western Reserve Guild hook in.  Last year's theme was "beach party".

This year's theme is "America the Beautiful" so thought it would be fun to hook again, this time with a grey whale.  The little mat measures 8 1/2" x 12".  Once again I've used a shoe button for the eye.

I thought I would also hook this little eagle mat as a door prize.  I've hooked this one before, too.  When finished, it will be about 9 1/2" in diameter.

We are having some of our worst winter weather so far this year, but it really isn't too bad.  Maybe 2" of snow and windy and blustery.  By the weekend it will be well above freezing.  I couldn't resist the pot of tulips from the store this morning to make me think of spring ~ only 39 days away.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


  1. Oh you're smart to buy those tulips. Spring looks far away tonight with all that wind and snow here too.

    Your bunny rug looks fantastic and so does those whales too. So much ambition. Are you trying to keep up with Saundra?

    Stay safe and warm. I'm going to bed with a hot magic bag to keep me warm
    Good night.

  2. Lauren I love your bunny rug is perfect

  3. Another sweet finish to add to your portfolio girlfriend....and I really love the whales!! Can I said I took a step closer to getting back to hooking by having lunch with my neighbor...the hooking guru??? Ok...thought not. It was worth a try. I want one of Julia's hot magic bags.... Woke to -25 windchills today....but supposed to warm up this weekend...and yay us...more freakin' ice. There's been an overabundance of that this winter in Nod... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. I love your finished bunny rug! I am sure the recipient of your mats will be thrilled. Stay warm ,even Georgia has been cold today?

  5. you are being so productive! love your mats. we are in the snow we got about 10 inches and it is snowing this morning and we are up for snow both sat and sun I am ready for spring

  6. I love both little rugs, Lauren. And your Woolen Memories rug is just beautiful! I think we're heading down to Delaware OH this morning. Going to check out the antique mall!! Have a great day!!

  7. there is just something about whales and rug hooking together ~ must be my Yankee upbringing! love them both ~

  8. Good job on the whales but LOVE that eagle. Guess drawing whales so many years the eagle piqued my interest.

    Seriously, only 39 days? You mean there is hope at the end of this winter??

  9. I think that might be my favorite rug. It's beautiful Lauren. And so are the tulips. Oh Spring, where are you?

  10. Love how your rug came out, beautiful wools and contrast. Those are fun door prizes, people will love them.


  11. Hi Lauren,
    Love your newest rug and look forward to seeing it all bound! The whales are sweet and love those flags! Your eagle reminds me of a great old cookie cutter I recently brought home! LOVE red tulips and they certainly add a lovely touch of color as well as a reminder that Spring IS coming!!!
    Enjoy your weekend, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~

  12. Love the finish!!! Love everything! (I don't want to talk about the weather. lol!)

  13. I love the shoe button eye. That makes me think of all of those poems I read to the kids. I love those little whale mats. Your big rug looks great too. Maybe your weather won't last.
    I hope you have a very fine day today.


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