Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year, New Me?

I did not make a conscious effort to make any changes, other than getting a Fitbit when I retired.  I knew I wasn't moving too much, but the Fitbit made me realize how little I was really doing.  It has kept me motivated for a few months.  I rarely get my 10,000 steps in, but I figure the 8,000-9,000 that I normally get in daily are a whole heck of a lot better than before.

I always joked that I am a dietician's worst nightmare.  When I got to the nursing I wanted diet Coke and a Boston cream donut for breakfast.  In the last couple months, I've made two major changes.  Let me just say I've never been a coffee drinker.  Decades ago when I was substitute teaching I was having a REALLY rough day so went to the teachers' lounge to have a cup of coffee.  About 6 teaspoons of sugar later I still couldn't drink it . . . lol.  BUT . . . I've been a diet pop (yes, in the Midwest we call it "pop") drinker morning, noon and night for forty years.  Back when it was Diet Rite Cola made with saccharin.  For more than a couple decades it's been diet Coke. 
I could live on the stuff.  When I packed for our trip out west, I packed what I thought would be the first of many cartons of diet Coke.  I drank at least 6-8 cans a day, every day.  For decades.  No joke.  No water, no tea, just Coke.  I don't know why but I decided to limit myself to two cans a day and drink {gulp} water.  After a few days I cut down to one can and then a can every few days.  I am still at that point.  Do I feel better?  Not really but the water has to be better for me, I'm sure.
Second change ~ treadmill.  I had DSO get me one for Christmas years ago.  Let me tell you it had very low mileage :)  Now I get on for a half hour almost every day.  Do I like it ~ in one word ~ heck no (oops that's two).  I just hope I can keep it up and stay motivated.  It was easier when I could watch You Tube on the iPad, but now it won't load so I'm staring at the basement wall.  Really must get that figured out!
I do hope everyone's new year is off to a great start.  New Year's eve dinner at 5 Guys was great as always and I did finally start hooking.  It feels good to have hook in hand.  I will show you progress in my next post.
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  1. Oh my, I can't believe that you kept that Diet Coke company in business for that long. That stuff will kill you dear girl, so getting run over by a truck...

    Seriously, I'm glad that you cut back that much. Wow! Way to go. Even little changes are better than none. When we get old, it's harder to stay fit.

    Wishing a strong will and good success for the new year, lol.

  2. OMG, cannot imagine drinking that many cans of soda (pop) in one day. I never drink it any more and haven't for years; I'd rather have water with my meal.....or wine if dinner.
    Just got my stats from last week's walks and total was 65,247 for the week. My best day was just over 12,000 steps. That won't happen this week as it rained today, will again tomorrow and the weather goes downhill more after that. Love my fitbit!!!!!!! Hate the treadmill, would rather walk outside.

  3. Good for you Lauren! My mother in law always lit a cigarette and popped a coke morning noon and night and could not understand drinking coffee. I was never much of a soda drinker. I drink water all day and tea or a glass of wine in the evening.

  4. I gave up diet pop a few years ago but still drink a couple cans of regular pop most days. I loved my Fitbit but when it died a new one wasn't in the budget. I miss it. It kept me motivated

  5. Oh my we must be sisters I'm exactly the same as u down to the soda drinking! Only thing us I like an elliptical better then the treadmill and I haven't given up my soda

  6. I can't drink soda but I live on coffee, lol. I never drank it, always tea, then when we started traveling more, I started getting it and got addicted. I drink mine with no milk and a few grains of sugar, so more black. I wonder how many steps I do in a day, I did run up and down the stairs about 10 times today, does that count;)


  7. Good for you on getting healthy! I dropped pop way back in college and my early twenties. I love drinking just water. I do the treadmill too. Does your treadmill have some kind of ledge so you can rest a book or kindle or something on it and read while walking? That's what I do. I would get so bored and unmotivated otherwise. It's the only thing that gets me on the thing. lol!

  8. Wow such great things. Do you know getting off diet coke was the hardest thing I ever did. I am glad I didn't smoke, it took me about three years to finally not crave it. I am glad now but it was sure hard. That is great about your fit bit. I just never knew there was lots and lots of people that had them. Its fun I think hearing stories.

  9. A 'fit bit'. I will have to check into this. Hubs is always saying "you need to walk more". He does and is in good physical shape...not so for me.
    Am happy for your motivation...
    No coke of any kind and NEVER smoked. Drinking a lot of decaf green tea and lemon juice with Bragg Vinegar. Hope it helps to cut some of this excess baggage. Really gots to get serious for 2017.
    Happy New Year too,

  10. Good for you...great life choice changes. I got a Fitbit last June and love it. It keeps me motivated to walk more. I am good during the week but never make it on the weekends. Maybe this year.

  11. Good morning!! I have cut way back on soda, too. I used to drink three or four Diet Mt. Dews a DAY!! Not healthy!! So, I have one every few days and stick to water. Not that I like it. LOL

    I would love a Fitbit, but since I work in an institution, and it's considered an electronic device, nope. Oh well. Maybe when I retire.

    Even a small change is a good change. Have a wonderful day!

  12. Morning Lauren, that's great you making changes, me, trying but a hard go... Keep up the great work, Hugs Francine,

  13. congrats on all the positive changes Lauren. I am one of those annoying people who thinks diet drinks of any kind are deadly. I won't go on because if you are interested you can do the research. I'm thrilled you are drinking more water than chemicals. here's to your health in 2017 - Hugs Mel

  14. Woo Hoo for you! I really make an effort to drink lots of water every day. I love my Fitbit, really keeps me motivated. I should have got out & walked in the damp air between the rains today. If only I could figure out how to hook & walk around the neighborhood!!

  15. I have a treadmill but it's so damn noisy that it drives me nuts. I heard Google (owner of YouTube) is making you become a + for usage, I refuse. So invasive and I will not be forced into anything. I am looking into Total Gym for my back and posture. High price though. HIGH PRICE!!

  16. Well aren't you living up to your name my good twin?? ;o) Although I will own up to drinking a few "Tabs" in my college days, I really can't remember the last time I have drank soda pop (what we call it in Nod LOL)....but coffee...oh yeah...I'm an addict....and Little Crow "gifted" me his once-used cappuccino machine at Christmas...and now I'm an even worse addict. And I don't have a Fit Bit...said I'd never get one...but Mr. Crow brought home a knock off version when he got a new phone this summer. I'm not overly impressed...except I did get addicted to the MYLAND game that came with it... but even that frustrates me...The game was apparently designed for Iphones and "adapted" to I have very few features. And just my luck, I finally "earned" a parrot and the dang thing flew away never to be seen again. :o( Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS...trying to respond to your last message, but things haven't been going through for me the past few days???)

  17. OMG, I am beyond impressed. I am a Diet Pepsi usage sounds just like your Diet Coke addiction. I tried about a month ago to let it go, but failed miserably. I hate coffee, and water is just bland, water, no taste. And a fitbit and treadmilling. I need to come up and get inspired....LOL.

  18. Hi Lauren,
    You get an A+++ for starting out the year right! Good for you!!!
    Believe it or not, ever since I had my stroke almost 2 years ago, it affected my taste buds and I CAN'T drink any thing but water, fresh orange juice, or hot chocolate!!! Weird, right?? Soda tastes just like some kind of chemical cleaner smells, and even iced tea, which I LOVED does not taste good any more!! Alcohol is even WORSE than soda and that includes wine! Every once in a while I do miss an ice cold coke, but it doesn't taste like I remember it, so that is ok!! I LOVE water anyway, so guess I am healthier due to my stroke!! Go figure!!!
    I have a Fitbit as well and it is so great to see those steps add up!! You GO GIRL!!!
    Heart Hugs~


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