Sunday, January 8, 2017

I'm No Saundra ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ you know that hooker we love to hate :)  (Sorry girlfriend!)
BUT ~ ~ ~ I have made progress on my rug.  Even though her rug is bigger . . . and she has lots more done . . . I am plugging along.  And like Saundra, there is a bit of reverse hooking needing to be done.  The colors are pretty accurate except for the bird.  It really is brown.  On my monitor it's showing up pinky.   

 We've been very lucky here on Ohio's north coast.  I do not live in the "snow belt".  That is about an hour east of me.  We've only gotten maybe 2" of snow.  It's been down in the single digits for a couple nights, but thankfully the nasty winds have subsided and we're headed into a few days of warmer temperatures.  Hey, only 71 days until spring :)

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


  1. Harhar.... at least I'm being loved for something. Your rug is coming along wonderfully and even IF that bird were that pinkish brown, I like it. Hey, if you keep up the reverse hooking I might lose my title as Queen Tweaker.

    Stay warm girl.

  2. You may be slower than Queen Tweaker but you don't mince your words, lol...
    You are both queen of something in my book.
    I'm using left over worms and so far I've resisted cutting wool for my challenge.

    Lauren, please don't tell me you only have 2 inches of snow. It's not fair...

    Oh well... hugs anyway.

  3. Evening Lauren, your so cute, made me smile,Hugs Francine.

  4. well you are coming in a close second to her!
    We are cold and the wind is awful will go below zero and then with the wind chill yikes.

  5. I do love your rug. It's going to be a beauty! It seems that we tend to get less of the bad weather up here where we are too, knock on wood. I hope that always continues!

  6. I think your rug is wonderful and we all have our different styles. Even when i follow an idea and color plan, I find myself changing things, just part of our own personality put into our rugs.


  7. Your rug is lovely. Eager to see what color background you will be using. Aren't you glad you don't have to go out into that cold and snowy weather first thing in the morning ? !!!!

  8. Good morning! Yep, that bird looks a little pink from way over here, too. LOL I really like that bunny!!

    I'll take rain over snow, every time. Brrr...

  9. Great progress...I love it! We missed the snow. Weather in the teens at night but going up to 70 in the day by Thursday...go figure.

  10. Its lovely. I would love to be a hooker like you. :)

  11. This rug kinda reminds me of a sampler quilt where each block is a different kind. Love all the different motifs!


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