Sunday, July 3, 2016

Breathtaking Sky ~

Last night's sky over Ohio's north coast absolutely took your breath away.  So much more beautiful than a picture can ever capture (especially my pictures . . . sigh).  The first three pictures were taken from DSO's upper balcony.  He lives in the former American Ship Building shipyard.  The water you see was a dry dock where they built 1000' ore carriers.  After the ship was completed, the dry dock was flooded and the ship sailed to Lake Erie which is just a short distance north.  You can read more about it here.

DSO's photos . . .

My brother's picture . . .

Just a gorgeous holiday weekend and even better since it's a three day :)  Time to do a bit of yard work, a never ending job. 

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Pug hugs :)


  1. what a dreamy sky...ugh, yard work...I have more stink weeds to pull tomorrow...

  2. Beautiful sunset. I love sitting out on the deck and watching the sky change colors, can't see the horizon but the colors come across the sky.


  3. Absolutely beautiful sky! Looks like you had another beautiful evening last night from your photo on FB. No pretty sunsets here in SW Ohio. We had a dreary light rain & evening yesterday & more thunderstorms predicted today! Oh Well, guess I will hook today! Have a safe & enjoyable 4th of July!!

  4. Beautiful. Happy 4th Lauren xoxo

  5. Happy July 4th Lauren!!!!! That is such a beautiful sky, love the pictures.Enjoy,Francine.

  6. Beauty all around us - gorgeous pics !
    We have also been having magnificent sunsets here in Pennsylvania !!

  7. Yes, it is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing, and a Happy 4th to you!!!


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