Thursday, November 12, 2015

Milestone Birthday ~

Yesterday was Loocie's 10th birthday.  {{ I didn't want to trivialize Veterans' Day by posting this then. }}  I can't believe she is 10.  After "dating" my DSO for 10 years, he finally made a commitment.  We got a puppy and have joint custody.  Here it is 10 years later (yes, we've been together 20 years . . . lol) and we're still "dating".  {{ Love you, sweetie }}
Isn't she just the cutest thing?  That grey face just melts my heart.
Loocie and Ellie loved their party hats, can't you tell?

Worn out after too much partying.

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Pug hugs :)


  1. How sweet, what a great milestone Birthday!!!!! Love the pictures!!!! Blessings Francine.

  2. Oh my Goodness, you had me in stitches. What a good photographer to have captured this great event to exhaustion, lol. Loocie is ready to call it a good day while Ellie just wants to party.
    Happy Birthday sweetie Loocie. That must have been some party. why wasn't I invited. Oh I know, I was overshadowed by a very special Veteran Day.

    Wishing you a long and happy life Loocie.
    Hugs, JB

  3. Well....Happy Belated Birthday, Loocie!!! That is hilarious!!! They look adorable with those birthday hats!!

  4. Can't believe either pup kept those hats on long enough to have a photo taken. I'm sure Ben would have shaken it off before I could put the camera in my hand.

    Congratulations on all the milestones.

  5. She is cute, how can you not love that face, lol.
    She definitely looks adorable in her party hat.


  6. Looks like your Loocie had a great party. I was trying to focus on her sweetness but that fabulous wagon behind her kept distracting me.

  7. What a fun birthday party!! The guests were so cute.
    Wow, ten years. I am so glad you shared that. It really is a mile stone.

  8. Lol, Love the photo of them together

  9. so sweet she looks like she just melted into the rug.
    congrats on 20 years!

  10. That is so sweet!! Those faces are adorable!!

  11. How adorable is Loocie and she's one pooped out pooch after all the party excitement. Looks like Ellie could have gone on for hours. Just love those sweet faces!

  12. Geez they are so huggy lovable kisses cute!!!!!!!!

  13. Seems as if too much partying went on at your place. :)
    Happy Birthday, Loocie!

  14. So cute! Happy belated birthday to Loocie!

  15. Happy belated birthday Loocie! Great photos!

  16. Happy Birthday Loocie! Oh gosh that last picture of her with that party hat and looks like she is sleeping on HER rug.....Priceless!!!


  17. Ha ha! I got a kick out of Loocie and Ellie in their party hats.


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