Monday, September 7, 2015

Strawberry Pin Cushions & a Rug to Share

Three day weekends are wonderful, but often the four day work week about kills you.  Five days worth of work and only four days to do it . . . sigh.  The weekend is just about over, but my to-do list is nowhere complete.  
It was a busy weekend.  Two cook outs (oh, the scale will hate me in the morning) and trying to get things done for the upcoming hook ins where I am vending.  They are only 3 days apart, so I need to have plenty done beforehand.  This was pincushion weekend.  I am so happy I got all these done :)
I pretty much have everything made (though I still would like to try some heart pin cushions) but now need to gather it all up, organize it, make price tags . . . and the  list goes on and on.  Maybe I will get more organized the more I vend???  I can only hope :) 
Did I ever show you the Patriotic Mermaid rug (10" x 28") that was hooked by Polly Minick?  Back in June on her blog she and her sister were auctioning off items with partial proceeds benefitting Semper Fi and the Humane Society.  I now get to call it mine.  A perfect summertime rug.
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  I guess summer is unofficially over, but by our recent temperatures, you'd never guess it.  That will change all too soon.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


  1. Too bad your summertime rug is so nice because it's over - put it away! Just kidding. Good luck vending. I'll be venting.

  2. Oh congrats on the winning the rug! you have been busy love the pin cushions. we are got too looking for that clear crisp air of fall.

  3. I am so glad you got that rug, what a treasure. I love all of your things that you are making for your shows. My goodness, I wish I was closer, I would be there. It sounds like such fun. I hope this week isn't that busy. Well at least you aren't drowning in work. :)

  4. Those pin cushions are fabulous !
    What a great feeling to have them ready to go for your show !! Hopefully it will all come together smoothly for you.

  5. I hope you do well vending. I do think you get more organized the more you do it, but I always felt "under the gun"....I guess that's just part of it. They are calling for cooler weather here....hope some of it heads your way!

  6. What a wonderful rug to win! Love the strawberry pin cushions, they would look cute hanging on a feather tree too. Good luck with your show :)

  7. I'm very happy for you that you got to bring that patriotic mermaid home with you.
    Good luck with your sales. Somehow I'm sure you'll get more stuff ready for your sale.
    Have fun.

  8. Ah Lauren - All those wooly strawberries look so happy nestled together - that's a lot of work making them - hope they sell well for you. Fun mermaid rug!

  9. Pretty strawberries. And your mermaid was hooked by Polly Minick; what a treasure!

  10. Love the strawberries. The rug is a treasure, glad you won it!

  11. Lucky you! That is a beautiful rug. Great bowl of berries. Do you fill them with walnut shells?

  12. Those strawberries are wonderful! Love all the red...and the paisleys are gorgeous! Lucky you...the mermaid is a beauty!

  13. how wonderful you got that mermaid rug by Polly ! I have a small kit for this design from Polly - or it is similar anyway - I keep saying I want to start it but gees - I have too many things started (sigh) Love the strawberries - I know what you mean about those 4 day work weeks - whew I'm tired already but thankfully it's wed. not tues like I keep thinking. Take care Mel

  14. lovely strawberries! wishing you "fruitful" days as a vendor:) xo

  15. Lauren, your strawberries are wonderful!!


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