Thursday, June 25, 2015

Remember that Old Saying?

The hurrier I go, the behinder I get?  That fits me to a "T".  I probably blog/complain about this at least a couple times a year . . . sigh.  In my next life, I will do better :)

I am vending at the Kingwood Garden hook in this weekend.  I thought I didn't have much to do to get ready.  WRONG.  I am still trying to get things made. 
My yard . . . ugh.  Between the lack of time, lack of ambition and the BUGS, I am way behind.
Blog reading?  One day I hope to catch up.
The hooked mat I can't show you?  Not making any progress . . . sigh again.  I also was hoping to hook another mat that I can't show you either.  Nope . . . not even on linen. 
Work . . . I am sure I will never get caught up.

BFF Wink was here for a visit this weekend.  We go waaaaay back.  We actually met in Spain in 1972.  She was a graduate student at Bowling Green State University and I was an undergrad participating in a summer abroad program.  We only get to see each other once or twice a year so it is always a treat to spend some time with her.  I caught the antique pox from her many decades ago so of course we  had to head to a couple antique shops.  I added a pug to my small but growing collection of Arnold Print works fabric pugs.  This one is straw stuffed and "much loved", meaning he has a few small holes :)  He is the guy on the second from bottom step.

He is a plump little fella.

For the longest time I have wanted a yarn winder but have resisted purchasing one because I really don't have room for one.  (Yes, my house is that full.)  Well, wouldn't you know, Wink was taking one to an antique shop to sell on consignment, so we made a trade.  I got the winder and I will hook her an Easter rug.  I'd say I got the better end of that deal.  Now to find a place for it.

Here is Wink all harnessed in getting ready to take her first flight in a small airplane.  As they are taking off she was a bit white-knuckled and mentioned that she is afraid of heights.  Once in the air she was fine.  It is a very different feeling than flying in a commercial jet.

Wink and her handsome pilot :)

And how is your life going?  Hopefully more smoothly than mine.
Thanks so much for stopping by and listening to me whine.
Pug hugs :)


  1. I always love visiting you. You always have the most interesting things going on Lauren. Aw well it is summer and things always end up getting done.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I am just glad to be alive! I was on my way to Maumee Antique Mall today. almost there in the POURING rain, road construction bumper to bumper and my wipers quit working! Thank God for Public Safety because he was my gaurdian angel. Could not fix them but followed me until the next exit. I was scared to death he was going to get hit.
    Otherwise life is good.

  3. Dear Lauren, I know the feeling of being overwhelmed. Why do we expect so much from ourselves. I was remembering how slow life was for my grandmothers. The did housework and had a very relaxed life as compared to me. They had time to water the single coleus plant on the windowsill, make simple meals on rotation at home and wash dishes, family meals on Sundays, laundry on Monday, Ironing on Tuesday etc...

    I think that we do way more than we should. It's time to slow down... sip some beer, coolers or wine or lemonade...sit outdoors with a nice book in the shade and just be. I'm the prime example of not listening to my own preaching and i'm paying dearly for it.

    June is gone and I'm older and I haven't had time to enjoy it it seems. It's already 6 months to Christmas. Yuck...
    LOVE your fabric pugs and that winder could be hanging behind a door maybe....
    Brave friend to get in that small plane.
    Have a great weekend. Hugs,

  4. Ymorning Lauren, I love those Pug pillows so much, adorable. Great for Wink, I would be scared. Enjoy the weekend,Blessings Francine.

  5. Good collection of pug pillows you have there. And do think you got a great deal too but you will do a spectacular job hooking whatever you choose for your friend Wink so she will be lucky too.

    Good luck with sales at the hook-in.

  6. Looks like you are having a great time with friends and keeping busy. You will catch up with everything as time goes by. Love having old old friends, don't you?

  7. It's so great you and Wink still have regular fun times. It's so easy for people to lose touch. Love the pug pillow and you did great with the yarn winder. Nice trade

  8. Lauren,
    We all feel a little overwhelmed, heck more than a little truth be told. But all we can do is soldier on and get done what we can and let the rest wait. There are only so many hours in a day. Glad you and Wink had a good time.


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