Saturday, March 7, 2015

Adding to the Pattern Stash ~

I just can't resist Maria's patterns.  You can find them here.  Mr. Britches arrived in my mailbox today.  I do hope I can get him hooked before Easter.  I think I've hooked more of Maria's patterns than any other designer. 
Good progress is being made on my pug rug that is being hooked to benefit Ohio Pug Rescue.  At a later date I will be begging asking my blog buds to buy tickets :)
The weather is slowly improving here in northern Ohio and soon we will see temps in the 40's.  I'm sure people will be donning their shorts and t-shirts.  Not me.  I'll be wearing my turtlenecks until May.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


  1. Evening Lauren, you find the cutest rugs. Love the Pug rug and its purpose.Blessings Francine.

  2. I love Maria's new bunny patterns, those are so cute.
    I also love the pug rug, nice idea for a shelter rug to help raise funds.


  3. I love that pattern too! Good luck stitching it. Had a wonderful time yesterday.

  4. your pug rug is turning out cute. Lovin the colors.

  5. I too love Maria's whimsical designs and am tempted to get both the girl and boy, but maybe Mr. Cotton Tail will satisfy my bunny temptation for now. Your pug rug is looking fantastic!

  6. I do love that pug rug. It is so very nice. I just love to see your hooking. I loved those bunny rugs. I thought they would be such fun to hook.
    I hope it does warm up for you. That will be so nice.

  7. Lucky bunny to have you hooking him for Easter. With the temperature rising, I bet you'll hook twice as fast and you'll get those two rugs done before Easter.

    Take care and enjoy the nicer weather.

  8. My neighbor is in flip flops and shorts while chipping driveway ice. Cute rabbit pattern!

  9. Hi, Lauren,
    Maria's patterns are so cute. The pug is cute :) The sun is out and the birds are singing! Hopefully spring is here.

  10. Hi Lauren, I too am a fan of Maria's patterns, but I have as of yet to hook any...I am a big fan of your hooked rugs and look forward to seeing Mr. Britches in full bloom...Mud season in Maine is getting closer!!! Have a great day...Julie

  11. cute pattern I will buy a ticket when you get your pug done.

  12. Love that Mr. Britches pattern! I wouldn't mind making that one.
    Are snow is half way melted thank goodness!!!
    Hugs Lauren

  13. Lauren, I have been trying for days to post a comment on your blog. I tried to tell you how much I love your rugs in your last post. Your color choices are fabulous and your backgrounds are PERFECT! My comments would never show up and I kept getting error messages. Hope this one actually gets to you. Can't wait to see your pug rug finished. Crossing all my fingers to see this comment on your blog!! Hugs, Linda

    1. I have this same exact problem when I try and comment on The Middle Sister blog - only hers - how odd. I have given up.

    2. I also discovered that I couldn't leave a message on my own blog, but I was able to comment on two other blogs! Weird!!

  14. even though I'm not a prim girl - I have to say I saw that bunny canvas hooked some place and it was so darling. I bet you will have fun doing him and your puggy rug is so cute. Hope you have a great week! Mel

  15. Oh what a perfect rug for your Pug Benefit. Best of luck with it.


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