Thursday, February 12, 2015

More Sauder ~


The lodge at Sauder Village is a wonderful place to stay. 
Looking down to the lobby.

A room full of hookers.  It is a great room to hook in.  Plenty of room and lots of light.

There was a small display of rugs.

Huge pillow with the fattest cord binding I'd ever seen. 
The colors were much more vibrant in person.

To hang on the back of a chair.

My favorite rug.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


Whimsical and Curious said...

Oh I love these, especially the whale rug
Very inspiring

acorn hollow said...

I always love to see what others are doing it is good to get the creative juices flowing.

weaverpat said...

Thanks for the tour!
That lodge is really lovely.
Yes, I like that whale rug too!

NMK said...

What a pretty lodge ! It is fun to see all the different rugs. It must be so much fun to be there . Happy Hooking !

Raymond Homestead said...

A room full of fun!

Margaret said...

Looks like so much fun! And what a place to stay too!

Saundra said...

Yes, it was my favorite rug too. Do you recall who offers the pattern or who hooked it?

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

What a wonderful place to spend time hooking and talking!

woolwoman said...

I;ve been away for work and just catching up on your blog Lauren - OMGosh - it looked like a fantastic time at Sauder. You lucky bird you !!! my dream to visit Sauder one day - hope I make it there. I love the Snowcouple one and yes I've seen that whale pattern before. I need to get busy on my Polly Minick rug with the whale. Saw your Maggie rug on FB and OOH LA LA - LOVE IT !!!!!!! the colors are awesome - did you do the color plan yourself - very nice my friend ! hope you have a great weekend - with warm and "wooley thoughts" Mel

Farm Girl said...

My favorite is that whale too. I love that one that goes on the back of the chair. Such fun it must have been It looks a so much fun and that lodge looks very nice.I hope you have a very nice weekend.

Dogwood Farm said...

Beautiful rugs!!
Thanks for sharing!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Lauren, nice place and beautiful rugs, talent abound.Francine.

Julia said...

You're very fortunate that you live near Sauder Village and get to see and meet with all these hookers and their beautiful rugs.

I've only seen pictures online and in hooking magazines.

I like the Whale rug too and how the sky and sea was hooked.

Happy Valentine Day.