Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Just Stuff ~

There is still nothing new on the frame . . . sigh. I've made a little, actually very little, progress on my Christmas sampler, but I feel I NEED to show that I've taken a bit of time to work on something.   It's so small, I should have finished it long before Christmas.  Oh, well . . . may it will be done before Christmas arrives again :)

The un-decorating, de-decorating or whatever you want to call this PIA job, is not going as well as I had hoped, but it never does :(  Here are just some of the boxes that need to be hauled up another flight of stairs.  I am so fortunate to have a walk up attic and let me tell you, it is full. I pity my boys if anything should happen to me. I keep warning them that all the "old stuff" that they find totally worthless should not be hauled to the curb.  It's their inheritance . . . lol.  I still have the big tree and lots of odds and ends to box up. Then I have boxes of stuff that needs to be put out to make the house look "normal" again.  I will just never learn.

So how is everyone faring in this weather? Thankfully by tomorrow the temperatures will be rising.  Last night it was a balmy -11 and today, even with the sun shining, 0 is cold.  I know many of you have it even worse.  Poor Ellie is having a terrible time with it.  I've never tried to get a dog to wear boots, but I'm about ready to try with her.  She truly screamed last evening after walking outside for maybe a minute.  I quickly picked her up and it was just so pathetic.  I've never heard those noises out of her before. Today was a bit better.  Has anyone tried footwear on an animal?

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


  1. Hi Lauren,
    We have tried boots on our dogs in the past. One did the high-step....the other wouldn't move. They just didn't like them. We now have two little dogs who are really bothered by the ice/snow.... been thinking of trying boots again with them. Let us know if you try them and how they work out!
    Good luck finishing up with putting Christmas decos away... it's a big job to be sure!

  2. Poor baby. I hope the boots help. Sadly I can't find them small enough for Millie but she wouldn't wear them anyways. She gets out and within seconds just starts holding up her feet looking at me so sadly. It's terrible

  3. Ah poor Ellie, she needs a porta-potty for sure. Those poor little dogs....this cold came up way too fast. We had a thaw and then a freeze.

    My daughter's flight to Toronto was delayed and finally cancelled at the last minute. So she's missing her connection to Scotland and her hotel reservation is wasted money too, poor girl. It's costing her a small fortune.What is wrong with Mother Nature???

    I LOVE that nice big closet where you hide some of your stuff.
    I'v luckily gort most of my Christmas decor in see-through totes and hauled down to the basement on metal shelves. All except my stair bannister garland an one snowman.

    Man, it's been cold and we've had pipes and water bowls frozen in the calf and heifer barn. Even the switch on the liquid manure pump was frozen.

    We had about 4 feet of snow on the roof that needed to be shovelled before the rain. I'm so tired of winter already, it's been nothing but work. I'm so worn out. I don't even know if I have the strength to pick up a hook again, lol...

    Here's hoping for nicer winter weather in the future.

  4. Hi Lauren. What a sweet little dog :)
    I am still putting decorations away too.
    Stay warm.

  5. My pug unhappily wore little boots--a pug will do almost anything for a cooky! I also would put newborn baby socks on his feet [Target, Walmart}. They d get wet and dirty but were just enough protection in the snow/ cold. You can also buy puppy training pads, set one outside then carry your little dog to it. The scent makes it an attractive potty place, I think..

    lizzy at gone to the beach

  6. Hi Lauren, one winter we attempted footwear on Winslow Homer...one by one four little boots were left behind in the snow...Slowly the old homestead is becoming bare...Christmas boxes are waiting to go into the attic...now I have to figure out where the everyday stuff goes...Like your new little project...Stay warm

  7. Poor Ellie, bless her heart. I wish she didn't have to go out in the cold. Please give her an extra hug for me!

  8. OH poor Ellie,
    You mean like those things they put on sled dogs? No, never but I have always wanted too.
    I hope it does warm up some more. That is great. I hope it is soon.

  9. Poor sweet Ellie, never tried booties but Angel has a hard time to.....Pretty stitchery, Keep Cozy, Francine.

  10. Hmmmm....booties on Snow Dog? Nah....never mind.... Ughhh....de-decorating... My least favorite job....Luckily, I didn't put hardly anything up....I felt guilty and had a tree with lights (and what a story THAT was....), but not one stinkin' ornament. Yeah....it was a pretty grinchy Christmas. But, I did have some greenery not taken down from last year above the door (can you tell how much I dislike de-decorating???), so we had something. But, hey....isn't it you who says it comes down quicker than it goes up??? For me it's just the opposite.... Perhaps if I purged the stuff I no longer put out...and got my storage space under control so it wasn't a hazard to go in it, it might be a bit more tolerable. Love your stitchy project. You put me to shame. I think the only project I actually did all of 2013 was that little pumpkin mat. I was shocked (and still am) by that realization. So, tonight I picked up my stitch project I started last January....and proceeded to rip out more than I stitched. Curses. Anywho....stay warm!! We're still in the deep freeze but climbing up....-23 windchill only.... Yeehaw! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. I'm showing your boxes photo to my husband so he can see that I'm not the only one. We got cheap rag rugs at dollar stores and threw them down for our dog to walk on. It was a royal pain in and out but it helped and prevented me from falling on the ice as I walked her out.

  12. We did the fleece velcro boots on our jack russell/beagle due to him scratching.He walked funny for about 5 minutes then was ok with them. They weren't clunky or invasive and have a little leather pad on the bottom for outside.We've had the coooold here to Brrrr. Warm Blessings!~Amy

  13. Your sampler looks beautiful, Lauren! Luckily, I didn't put my Christmas stuff away...I was going to reorgnaize today, but last night our water pipe in the basement froze and then of course burst, so we have a flooded basement!! Much work to do now....and much money to be spent!

  14. I have already used infant socks on my pups feet.
    I agree with Marly, I would throw down some VERY cheap rugs for the dogs to walk on. Extra work, but worth it.

  15. I am still trying to put things away I have used a very little used dinning room table to pile it on so it is easy to walk by it and not give it another think.

  16. Yikes, glad it isn't me having to haul that stuff up the attic or down to the basement. I too used to 'dress up' the house for Christmas. Actually every month I'd have a do over ~ but that got old.

    My big boy Ben has stopped and picked up a paw now and then. So I tell him, 'let me fix it' and I take my hand out of my glove and surround his hurting paw to warm it up. Meanwhile my hand is getting cold. But then he is ready to move on and get the job done. Never put boots on a dog before but if it works do it.


  17. I've done a bit of research on dog boots this year as Orion has had a hard time this year with extreme low temps, ice and snow. He just shakes the boots right off. The best I have found are called Pawz - dogs tolerate them better than any others and they come in sizes XXS to XXL. They are like balloons - thin so the dog can still "feel" with them on. Of course, we bought the wrong size XS and now they are sold out locally. (If Ellie has 2 inch paws, I can send them!) So now we are using "Musher's Secret" a 100% natural wax like salve and it is working like a champ! Orion likes when I rub it on his paws and it is fine if he licks them later. It feels good if I rub the excess on my hands, too. Hope this helps! I know how it feels when they are hurting and looking so pitiful :(
    Blessings, Patti


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