Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How Does One Lose a Rug?

I don't often build a fire on a work night, but this evening was the perfect time for one.  It's 28 degrees but it's a cold 28.  Perhaps it's the dampness.  No place to go (yeah).  Even Ellie enjoys the warmth.  

Normally there is a hooked rug hanging here, one I purchased a few years ago from Kelley (Kankerdoodle) on eBay.  I put it away for the holidays and it is nowhere to be found :(

I recently bought another rug on eBay.  It would not lie flat and appeared as if it had been folded.

Thankfully a good steaming did the trick.  It amazes me what a good steaming can do. It's a rug by Tonya Robey designed for the first issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine.  

She has a unique way of signing her rug and adding a rod pocket to the back.  Too bad my handwriting is so lousy.  

I need to find a dowel and hang this in place of Kelley's rug.  I'm sure it will turn up . . . eventually.

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  1. You must have put it in a drawer somewhere where it would be safe.
    You are not alone in that department, I loose stuff all the time and it always turns up somewhere and then I remember.

    That's a nice little rug for hanging and it's signed but I don't see a date on it. I hope that you have the Prim Magazine. Amazing what a little steaming job will do.

    I'll pray to St Antoine De Padoue, the patron Saint of lost object that you'll find the misplaced rug.... Most time he answers my prayers, he rarely ignores them. There, my prayer is said and sent heavenward.

  2. Oh nice warm fire, sweet new rug Lauren, Blessings Francine.

  3. I like how Tonya's rug looks, I guess I should do one, has a nice antique look. I am always loosing things and one day they turn up, lol.


  4. Wow, Lauren, I just love this post. Ellie warming up by the fire, how cute. I can't tell you how many times I put something away in a "safe, special place" and then can't find it. I typically don't find it until after I have bought a new one :) You are so lucky to own that beautiful Tanya Robie rug...


  5. Great looking rug and really like how she signs them. Hope you find that rug....I do a lot of putting up and looking for myself!

  6. I do the same thing! Sometimes I 'll put it in the seaonal container thinking when I am ready for a change it will be there. Then I get comfortable with the look & forget where I put my favorite prims.Maybe a label on the outside would help :) I 'm glad to know I am not alone LOL!

  7. Looks very cozy there by the fire. :) oh where, oh where can that little rug be. Good luck on your hunt. What a lovely rug, sweet find. Still learning designers as a newbie to the hooking world.

  8. What a beautiful rug. Love the dusty colors.

  9. I shove mine under the couch for storage and they stay flat!

  10. If I had a nickel for everything I have misplaced (lost) I would be rich! Lol It will turn up eventually. Luckily you have a sweet rug to hang in its place for now.

  11. Thanks for the label tip. I swear I would lose my head if it wasn't screwed on... but luckily most things are eventually found.

  12. Lucky girl! I have several of Tonya's pieces and cherish each and every one. Yeah, your rug will eventually show up I'm sure.


  13. I have things go to the land of the lost all the time.LoL..Your new rug is lovely. If you get a minute stop over and visit my blog and see if you can tell me anything about the school girl sampler.I know you have a few.The fire looks cozy.~Amy

  14. Well at least you will find it, it seems like when I undecorated before Christmas and then I go to put things back, I won't find them again until the next Christmas. I hope you find it soon. Those are really lovely rugs.


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