Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hook In ~

Today was the biennial hook-in hosted by the Lorain County (Ohio) Hookcrafters.  What fun to take a day off work and spend time with hooking friends.  AND . . . I actually got a little hooking done.  

Here are a few of the rugs from the show.  

Terrible picture, but I love this rug!

I apologize to Arlene for this lousy picture.  This rug was one of my favorites and the colors in person are beautiful.

This picture was taken without a flash and the colors are STILL too bright.  Donna really hooks dark and dirty!  LOVE IT!

Tomorrow it's back to reality ~ aka work, but it sure was great to play today.
Thanks for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


  1. Beautiful rugs! What a great day to hook, it sure was gloomy.

  2. Hello Lauren, great hooking day, so many wonderful rugs. They really are a work of art, talented hookers for sure, impressed. Blessings Francine.

  3. I enjoyed seeing the rugs from the show, lots of wonderful designs and colors.


  4. What a fun day. Some very interesting rugs. Did I see one named "50 shades...."? ;)

  5. It is always such a treat to be able to look at rugs. What fun to be able to take off and go to a hook in. I think I would enjoy that kind of day.

  6. what beautiful rugs! I'm glad you had a great time :)

  7. Glad to see your photos! It was my plan to be there but life had a different plan for me. Lots of hookers?

  8. I agree! These mid-week play dates are awesome!!! These are some fabulous rugs! I keep meaning to hook a rug with prim roosters... and also another with a house and snow scene...

  9. Such talent! Love looking at all the rugs!

  10. So beautiful Lauren.
    Glad you were able to join in...and hook!

  11. what a great and varied array of rugs at your local hook in - I hate when they have these on week days - there is one downstate I always want to attend but it would shoot too much time off from work. Glad you got to go. Mel

  12. Beautiful rugs!! Love the one with the sunflowers.

    Enjoy your day~Becky

  13. Wonderful photos, Lauren! Thanks for sharing your day with us...I want to move to Ohio!


  14. Well, your Tuesday was certainly better spent than mine. :o( Another bunch of great rugs - can't believe the incredible detail in the raccoon. But, I think I'm missing something with the fishing one??? (Too much time cooking in the kitchen tonight????) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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