Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Not Your Average Pumpkin!

Let me begin by saying I am NOT wishing for fall.  I just really don't like what comes after it!  I wish we could go back to June and try for a summer that was a little less hot, a little less humid and much less dry!  (I'm not asking for too much, am I?)  Signs of fall are becoming so apparent.  It is now dark at 6am when I walk Annie and again by 9pm.  The crickets are chirping louder by the day and leaves are beginning to fall from some of the trees, due to dryness perhaps?

With all this being said, I am hooking pumpkins.  I am actually hooking my fourth pumpkin using handtorn strips and I am having such fun doing it!  (I still haven't pulled a loop on my camp rug since returning home several weeks ago.)

The color of this pumpkin is very un-pumkinlike.  (I knew spell check would not like that word . . . lol.)  I do believe this is my favorite one so far.  Now that I've taken a picture, I see I need to manipulate a few loops where white spots are showing.

Here is the wool I am using ~ just one textured plaid.  Sure wish I had more of this wool.

This is the same wool I used for the star in my Magdalena rug.  I used stripes of the wool to get the two colors.

What color should I use for the stem?  I'm still undecided.  Help would be appreciated.  My top choices are the two wools on the left.  The far left piece is a rusty brown and the gold is more a dirty gold.  I am thinking the rusty brown???

Is blogger deleting blogs from your blog list?  I've found about a half dozen in the last few days that are no longer showing up, so if you notice yours is no longer there, drop me an email and I will put you back on.

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Pug hugs :)


  1. my vote is for the darkest value I think it makes a nice diffrence.
    just my thoughts.

  2. Love how that texture looks in the pumpkin.
    I think the first one on the left would give it a darker shade but keep with the shades in the piece, I think the dark brown would off set it too much.


  3. Hi Lauren,
    That wool makes a yummy pumkin and I like the rusty brown for the stem! I have several wools around here that I wished I had more of! A rug hooker's dilemma!
    Cathy G

  4. Far left or far right. If not, the two in the middle. LOL!!! I wish summer would start over too but I'm afraid we're going into an early fall. And hopefully a winter like the last one.

  5. Rusty brown has my vote! Love the pumpkin! Love the pumpkin - hooks up great! Isn't funny how each season we seem to wish it away for the next - Me -even as hot as it is - i'm trying to just breath and enjoy the day as it is! Of course -w ho can resist the gorgeous colors of fall....

  6. I like the dusty (or did you say rusty?) brown...LOL


  7. rusty brown for the stem. i love the colors in that pumpkin~unusual!!!! denise

  8. Great looking pumpkin! I adore hooking with plaids ...so much fun to see what happens! The one on the left...or the right.

  9. Hmm, I need to know the background color before I pick. I haven't noticed blogs missing from my list but google reader has been missing some updates. Annoying!

  10. This is the third time I've tried posting a comment so hopefully it will be a charm. Obviously Blogger is acting out in more ways than one.

    I like the one on the far left and the one on the far right.


  11. I really like that color of pumpkin and I really, really like that plaid color. I just picked some pumpkins today and I was looking very closely at the stems. The ones I picked were stripy, with light brown, and green and white. I have never looked at a pumpkin like that I just thought the stems were brown. The stems aren't dry yet, but they were in perfect hooked lines on the stem. It made me laugh. I am sure whatever you decide it will look very nice.

  12. I vote for the rusty brown. Love the pumpkin.. so what are you going to do with all of them? Sounds like some lucky people are getting Pumpkin gifts this year.

  13. Hi Lauren, I love the different colors, sweet pumpkin. Will let you know if I need help, hope not. Blessings Francine.

  14. lauren, i love the pumpkin and i think the rusty brown would be perfect! ive been up the last 2 nights hooking til 1:30am feels wonderful! must be the weather! love feeling a tish of fall in the air. cant wait to have a kettle of soup on! enjoy your evening lauren!

  15. The dark one looks good.I love the pumpkin good job.

  16. Lauren, your wonderfully hooked pumpkin looks just like a pumpkin I choose from a pumpkin patch last fall. It's skin was a mottled bluish color with warts. I love warts on pumpkins I think they add character. I'll see if I can find the photo and notice what the stem color was, I am sure a tan of some sort. Today was a cool rainy day here in Maine, the humidity returns tomorrow. Hugs, Julie.

  17. Yikes....I stink at this. Actually I think any of them would work nicely...and by now you probably have resolved your dilemma and I will read further on what your choice was. I guess my first choice would be far left. Second choice would be far right. ???? Smiles & Clueless Hugs ~ Robin

  18. PS - LOVE the plaid. They are fun, aren't they? Robin


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