Monday, August 27, 2012

A Little of This, a Little of That ~

Once again, I am trying to organize the wool room.  Any more, it seems like it always needs help!  I was trying to get some semblance of order in the closet and came upon a little brown bag.  In the bag was this tiny putz sheep.

He is only about 1 3/4" inches tall.  The sad part is that I have absolutely NO recollection of purchasing him.  I mean no idea of where or when.  That scares me!!!

Yesterday at the Hinckley Reservation, part of the Cleveland Metroparks system, they had their annual dog paddle.  They drain about half the pool and humans can take their furbabies for a swim.  At any given time there had to a hundred dogs in the pool.  

Annie and I were there to help at the Ohio Pug Rescue booth and to hopefully find Annie's furever home.  We do not do on-site adoptions, but I don't think anyone fell in love with her . . . sigh.  Maybe next time :)
A few random pug pictures . . .

Pug butts



In the wool closet I also found this little wool applique kit I purchased in 1996, complete with sales receipt.  The projects include a pillow, heart pin, picture and a pincushion.  The wool is a bit bright but I'm sure could be toned down with a little coffee or tea. I know I will never make it, so if anyone is interested, leave me a comment.  (Please be sure to state that you are interested.)  If more than one person is interested, I will draw a name on Thursday night.

I've changed a couple of my blog settings, so if you have any problems leaving a comment, please let me know.  (I'm hoping this will help you, Doris.)  I will also no longer allow anonymous comments.  I was just getting more and more garbage comments.  If you wish to remain anonymous, in lieu of leaving me a comment, you can send me an email.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


acorn hollow said...

Don't be scared I tuck things away all the time and forget all about so with our memory it is a good surpise every year! Love your lambs. So sorry annie didn't find a forever home maybe it is you that is her forever home.

marly said...

What a great idea for the pups! Looks like everyone was having fun. Glad to see I'm not the only one that keeps projects for years!

Ann said...

Hope all the doggies got along in that pool! Glad you found your little sheep - Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday! LOL. Since I have more than my fair share of unfinished projects, please don't enter my name in your drawing - it is however a very thoughtful idea. ~Ann

The Wool Cupboard said...

All busy people forget things, Lauren! Not to worry!

Love the furbabies in the pool picture...great idea.

Good luck on the wool's worth it.

I have about 20 projects started, so I'll not request the cute applique are very generous!


weaverpat said...

Waaaah! Those 'senior moments' are scary! My sisters and I always say that we're saving our minds for the really big stuff. Whatever that may be!
How cool that the doggies get to take a splash in the pool.
Love the pug butts!

prims by olde lady morgan said...


Love all the puppies in the pool! how fun is that!!! buying things we can't remember...hehe... I think it happens to all of us...happy creating! OLM

Farm Girl said...

Oh, I don't like it when that happens. It is scary to have no memory of it at all. It has happened a time or two to me and I still wonder how I was continuing to be sane.

I was looking at my wool box yesterday and thinking I really need to get with it and do some organizing again.
So sorry Annie hasn't found a home. She is a cutie pie.
So sorry you got mean comments. I wonder why people do that kind of thing. I have gotten a few and always wonder about the people that leave them. :)
Have a very nice week this week.

moosecraft said...

Love that little sheep! I have found stuff I forgot I bought (halloween bottle cap ornaments). And yes, I found them in a little brown paper bag! lol! The pic with everyone wading in the pool with their pups is so cool! Looks to be a fun day!

No applique pattern for me... I'm trying to downsize my supplies too...

denise said...

what a cute little pattern. it might be fun to make.count me in. denise[]

Trace4J said...

Oh what a fun day!
I love those sweet little faces.
Precious lil sheep collection too.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh I so feel your pain. But I figure, in a few years I won't have to shop anymore....I'll just open closets and boxes and such and be amazed at the things I didn't know I had. :o

Too many stitcheries on my dance card at this point, so no need to count me in on your sweet offering....but, hey, if you're offering up the Putz, count me in. ;o) (JUST KIDDING!)

Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Saundra said...

I was getting the same thing with people who have the 'no-reply' anonymous e-mails and put them in my blocked senders list because I don't know who they are. So then for a while no one with a no-reply could post. But lately it seems the time lapsed and am getting comments from them again. Will see how it goes and maybe I'll do what you did.


BumbleBeeLane said...

I do that find little things I forgot but love finding aq little doggy swim looks fun but my boys would be bad for sure.Mung likes swimming in our pool though.Poor Annie I'm sure she loves her foster mom though,I know not the point she needs her forever home.Warm Blessings!~Amy
Oh don't count me in for this giveaway not sure I would have time to put it to good use.

Kathy H said...

Very cute pattern, I am interested in it. Always enjoying your cute pug pictures.

Janice said...

I so enjoyed the pictures of the doggie swim party! What a great idea.

Jacqueline said...

Think of finding the sheep as a gift, not as a "omg I am losing my mind".. lol

I am interested ... thanks for a chance

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Lauren, cute sheep, but I also do the same thing, tuck away and forget, then find. Still pray sweet Annie finds a forever home, love the Pug butts, to cute. Blessings Francine.

Dog Trot Farm said...

How lovely to have found a hidden treasure. What a fun outing for the dogs and their humans. Perhaps when you least expect it Annie will find her forever home. Somebody will fall for that sweet little face. Have a good evening, Julie.

jody said...

lauren i love the little putz sheep. i have never com across one on my treasure hunts... i too would be interested in the rug mat pattern! love the idea of swimming for the pups! and those little pugs r so cute! enjoy your day!