Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Inspiration ~

I wish I had taken more pictures, but hindsight is 20-20.  Here are some completed and almost completed rugs by some very talented ladies.

This was the first of four rugs that was to depict each of the seasons from the same view.

I believe this was a Bea Brock pattern.

What a fun edge!

These are absolutely horrible colors!  I think this was hooked in a 2 cut!!!  It was hooked on a very fine linen by the granddaughter of Mary Sheppard Burton, Jen.  The background was not going to be hooked because although it can't be really seen in my picture, it was a pattern drawn by Mary and her initials are at the bottom.  For any of you who attended the rug show at Sauder Village in 2010, you may remember Jen sitting there hooking next to her grandmother's huge alphabet rug.

Mary is probably best known for her Noah's Ark.

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  1. I Loved getting to see all the beautiful rugs thanks so much for sharing!!!

  2. I Loved getting to see all the beautiful rugs thanks so much for sharing!!!

  3. So many wonderful rugs and love that edge, very clever idea.


  4. Thanks for sharing....really enjoyed seeing all the rugs :)

  5. Holy talent! There are some really beautiful rugs great inspiration for sure.

  6. Great the one with the fringed edge!

  7. *****mary shephard burton was an incredible woman and no, she is known around the world for more than her noah's ark. although that is an incredible piece of art, she
    was the driving force in the rug hooking world for promoting this as
    an art form. the hooked art that
    she created in her lifetime won many awards and some now hang in museums. after suffering the devastating loss of her home to
    a fire of unknown origin, she and her husband rebuilt their lives and
    the hooked rugs lost were recreated by a talented group of women in the rug hooking guild in the toronto area. get a hold of her book to view more of her work and story of her life. old copies of rug hooker news and views will also take you and your friends on
    a journey which will change your lives. mary has left behind an
    incredible legacy for anyone who
    has come into contact with a hook,
    wool and backing. you will not be
    sorry to take that journey of will be inspirational!
    happy hooking!

  8. Again such inspiring rugs...I'll never be in that category in my life...still working on simple smalls.

  9. Thanks for the rug show. I think that my favorite rug is the Maple Syrup for Sale. I'm not very fond of strong bright colors unless they are in their natural setting like flowers.H
    Hugs, JB

  10. Enjoyed all the rugs, and LOVED that cool edge on the one you pointed out. How lucky you were to see Noah's Ark up close and personal; must have given you goosebumps.


  11. Wow! I haven't blog hopped in a while....what a treat this morning to see all these great pictures! Loving that edging on that bright rug....going to have to figure that one out and give it a try!

  12. What a joy it is to see your rug photos. I love the one with the moon and the maple syrup sign.
    Thank you!

  13. What a great virtual "show" you've given us my friend.....I love seeing them this way because I never cease to be amazed by the variety and different personalities each hooker has. Some colors and designs I would never go with (as you would also NEVER catch me hooking a 2 cut), but is fun to see how the "other half" lives. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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