Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Apologize ~

 A couple posts ago, I posted a picture of this rug and said "These are absolutely horrible colors."  I was referring to the colors of my photograph, NOT the colors of the rug!!!  The colors of the rug are beautiful, vibrant colors.  It's my photography skills that are sometimes horrible.  Jen, if you read that and took it the wrong way, I am so sorry.  I would never criticize someone's rug on my blog (other than my own!).  {Thanks to my DSO for pointing that out to me.}

Happy Tuesday to you!
Pug hugs :)


  1. Welcome to my world! I'm sure nobody thought you meant a bad thing!!

  2. Many is the time I have spoken words, then afterwards realized that I knew what I meant but didn't verbalize it the right way. And, cameras as well as monitors have a way of changing the colors.

    Heck I take pictures, post it on my blog or in an e-mail and it shows up might brighter than it is in person ~ so I know what you meant.

    BTW, that is a precious pitiful look on that pup and I want to pick him up and give him a hug.


  3. Well I think we have all been there Lauren! We print something and later it is brought to our attention.
    My husband has a habit of critiquing my posts and pointing out a blunder...butthat's days after many have read it! lol


  4. Lauren, I sure hope your friend knew what you meant. It was a honest misunderstanding.

  5. I knew exactly what you meant. Lauren, you are never mean! We all struggle with capturing the true colors in a rug through a photo.
    We know you are a sweetie and would never be intentially mean.

  6. Ummmm.....been there, done that...and feel your pain. Just know that those of us who "know" you, knew exactly what you meant and did not misinterpret it..... Hugs ~ Robin


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