Sunday, November 6, 2011

Six Inches Too Short ~

I've mentioned my dear friend Wink many times before.  She is my antiquing partner in crime.  I caught the antique bug from her many decades ago.  We live several hours apart, but met for the weekend in the Lancaster, Ohio area.  We stayed at the Dum-Ford House Bed and Breakfast in Amanda, Ohio and spent Friday evening and Saturday antiquing.
In years past, the Christmas antique open houses were Friday evening and Saturday.  We did not realize that it had been changed to Friday during the day, but luckily we were able to make quick stops at two of the shops in the early evening hours.  The following pictures were taken at Miller House Antiques in Carroll, Ohio.  Isn't their log cabin home wonderful?  We did not get to go inside this year, but the inside is even better than the outside.

A small log cabin out-building.

Decorating with cotton seemed to be very popular this year.


I just love the stack of sandstone grinding wheels.

This was in a planter-type box.

Mr. Snowman standing guard by the door.

I do have a few purchases to share with you, hopefully in my next post.  Blogger is still giving me fits trying to upload pictures.  It took me several hours to load these. 
Now to the title of my post . . . I need more storage for my wool.  I want open shelving so I can see what I have.  I found a wonderful old pie safe that is missing its doors.  The spacing of the shelves is perfect.  I drive a Chevy Tracker and usually what I want to haul fits in it.  Unfortunately, the cupboard was about 6 inches too tall to fit (or my little SUV was six inches too short!).  Now I am trying to decide if it is really worth the added cost of borrowing my sweetie's Tahoe and driving two and a half hours to get it.  Logic says no, but when it comes to wanting this antique, my mind is screaming YES!  You know, it is said the best time to buy an antique is when you see it because tomorrow it may be gone.
Pug hugs :)


  1. Oh, buy it when you see it. Sadly I missed the opportunity to buy a pie safe this weekend at an estate sale for $285...went back today thinking it would be marked down, but no. Darn it. Lesson learned.

  2. Lauren...two words....DO IT! 2 1/2 hours is nothing in the sceme of things and you will have your cupboard! I love the log cabin and can't wait to see the goodies you purchased. Did you make it to the Simple Goods show? Thank goodness for those antique-ing partners in crime!

  3. I was visiting in NY when I found my Hoosier. We drove back to NH to get a truck to move it home...LOTS of miles and time, but SO worth it...get your pie safe!


  4. Go for it Girlfriend....You don't know how many times I've made my DH "go back" (hours from here) to get that piece I "had to think about...." And each and every one of them ranks high in my greatest treasures.....That log cabin is enchanting...would love to see the inside! Have a great week ahead (and safe travels..... ;o) ) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Yes! Borrow the Tahoe and pick it up! I do like the log cabin pic... kinda looks like a Christmas postcard. Cotton looks very nice too!

  6. YES.....go right now! It's not frivolous ..... It's for WOOL!

  7. Jump in his truck and go!! I would love to find a pie safe for my's spilling out of that basket thing I bought!

  8. I vote GO FOR IT!!! Or you'll regret it!!

    Any pug updates coming??

  9. Giggling at everyone's responses lol. I love the little log cabin, and the cotton decorating. Sweet! Look forward to seeing your next post with the purchases you came home with..... And I'm thinking we will hear your answer in the next post too if you are getting the pie safe! Lots of subliminal messages coming your way :)
    When I saw your title, my first thought was being too short height wise. I'm always saying that. I wish I was taller!

  10. Your followers are a bunch of ENABLERS!! Including me!! Go get it now!! Call them and have them hold it and hop in the Tahoe and fulfill your dreams!!!!!! Can't wait to see it!

  11. Maybe since she understands you are making a second trip you could negotiate the price a little.I know when I love something and walk away I regret it later.Resonable antiques are getting hard to find.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  12. I lost out on a wonderful dry sink because I couldn't decide right away if I should buy it or not. That was over a year ago and I'm still kicking myself...
    Borrow the Tahoe and GO!! GO, GO, GO!!! (you'll be happy you did....)
    Have fun!

  13. Go for it Lauren!! I've passed on a couple of pieces & still regret not buying them. You can never have too much wool storage.

    Love the log cabin & log outbuilding.

    Have a wonderful week~Becky

  14. Lauren, what a fun weekend you must have had.
    Where is the pie safe from?
    I wish I could pick it up and bring it to you!
    I have been thinking of selling my Hoosier and one of my pie safes but all of this talk on here about storing our wool is making me change my mind!

  15. Lauren - DO IT! A while back I was on the hunt for a church pew to put in my breezeway. I hunted high and low. Then one day while on vacation hubby and I went to Amish country and there it was! Just the size I was looking for. Of course, we had taken the car that trip so we bought it, then drove back the next day with the truck to get it. I've never regretted it! You'll be happy you went back and got it!

    Can't wait to see your purchases and hear wether you went back and bought the pie safe.

  16. Someone is having fun. I hope you go back and get that antique.What wonderful pics, Hugs Cheri

  17. YES! I would go back for it!

  18. How exciting. I am anxious to see what you decide. Good luck. Lisa

  19. Go for it! Great cabin! Thank you for sharing! Enjoy your day! My Best ~Kimberly

  20. LOL, I guess I should have read this post before the current one, then I would have known you didn't go to the Simple Goods
    Now why didn't you go into Miller's??? It was one of my favorite places...and I have one of those huge snowmen....I love him.


  21. Hi was such a pleasure to meet you at the American Traditions Show. Hope that you enjoyed it. (millstonemercantile)


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