Friday, October 28, 2011

More from the ATHA Biennial ~

I have so much yet to share from the ATHA Biennial, but getting pictures loaded is a real challenge!
Here are a few shots from the vendors that were set up.  Unfortunately I do not remember (oh how I miss my mind!) whose rug this is.  It was magnificent.

These rugs were all from Heavens to Betsy.  I know the pumpkin and I think the two dogs were hooked with all hand torn strips.  I love that look!

Here are some rugs from Kris Miller's booth.  Love them all!

My favorite :)

I am almost certain this was Lucille Festa's booth.  She had the most wonderful patterns!

This was another wonderful rug in one of the vendor booths.  Does anyone remember whose booth it was in?

The following is self explanatory and so much fun!

I hope to share more soon!
Pug hugs :)


  1. Wowza! What talent! Love all those Hooligans!

  2. That is Susan Quicksall from HollyHill Designs. Great booth!

  3. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Darn! I should have gone. It looks like a fantastic show.

  4. Oh my....Love them all!! What wonderful rugs. Looks like it was a great show.

  5. Your pictures are great! The first rug is "button basket" by Susan Quicksall of HollyHill Designs. The "noah's ark" is also her design. Although I was not there, I know Susan and her designs quite well. She has a website if anyone is interested.

  6. What wonderful rugs Lauren!!! A feast for the eyes and the soul!! I'm loving those Halloween Hooligans!! What an appropriate selection for them to do....that first one is my absolute favorite!! Thanks for sharing - hope you can upload more!! Happy Friday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Hi Lauren, My friends Karen and Donna in my rug hooking group met you and said how nice you were!I love the pictures Thanks for including us all in your Atha experience.Cheri

  8. Hooligans! How cute are they, but I must admit the first one is my favorite - and I'd never think to hook in only 2 color families. Hope you have more to share....~Ann

  9. All this just astounds me! Such beauty, and creativity. Thank you so much for sharing all the pictures!


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