Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gone Fishin' ~

Jake and his dad (my younger son J) decided to do some fishin' Friday evening.  Jake was concerned that he didn't have a "lucky fishin' hat".

I guess he didn't need it because he caught this beauty.  He was so excited!!!  He threw him back in so it could grow up to be a really big fish.

* * * * *
Fritz is home safe and sound from his big adventure.  His goal was to fly to Petaluma, CA from Ohio and he did it.  The journey home was not quite what he anticipated.

After arriving in Petaluma, he went to the airport to do some maintenance in preparation for the trip home.  Much to his chagrin, he discovered a leak in the fuel tank.  NOT GOOD!  He siphoned the gas out, took the tank out, repaired the leak, waited 24 hours for it to cure.  He re-installed the tank, gassed up and it's still leaking.  He called the company that manufactured the airplane kit.  They overnighted a different patch material.  He siphoned the gas out, took the tank out, repaired the leak, waited 24 hours for it to cure.  He re-installed the tank, gassed up and once again it's leaking.  He removed the tank for the third time (by then he's really good at it!) and decided the best alternative is to load the plane in the back of a U-Haul truck and head east.  I am very thankful that Fritz is VERY conservative and not willing to take any chances. 
I feel bad for him because he was supposed to fly to Osh Kosh, WI, for the big airplane event this week.  I guess it wasn't meant to be :(  Hopefully next year :)

* * * * *

I called Mo's new family today and spoke with the elderly mother.  She said that Mo is doing just great and is such a sweetheart.  I am SO HAPPY to hear that.  If all goes as planned, I will be getting a new girl in a week or so. 

* * * * *

I have lived within five miles of Lake Erie my entire life and for the last eleven years within two blocks, but this is the first year I've looked for beach glass.  There is just a small stretch of beach where it is found at this beach, but yesterday was a very good day.  It is not often I find bigger pieces, but I did find a few.  I'm quite certain the darker amber-colored pieces are from beer bottles :)

We got some much needed rain this weekend and for that I am thankful.  It is still hot and humid, but I am NOT one who is wishing for fall to get here.  I will take this weather over winter any day of the week.  I wouldn't mind fall if spring followed.
Thank you so much for stopping by!
Pug hugs :)


  1. Looks like it was a great day for fishing. Jake is a cutie! I hope you have a great week!


  2. I love Jakes big grin holding his fish. He looks just like his dad. Glad friz did the right thing and is safe and sound although sad.
    Glad all is going well with mo. Sea glass I have collected off and on for years. looks like you got a pretty good haul.I have mine in a jar what are your plans?
    have a great week and I am with ya on summer

  3. That lil red-headed Jake is an absolute doll...he looks like a fisherman from the git-go....But does daddy ever smile?? ;o) So glad Fritz is home safe and sound...and SMART!! Whew....The fly-in is already this weekend? Yikes - guess we'll be seeing fly-overs! Something about those flying machines that make me quivery all over....So glad that Mo is winning over her new owner...You GO MO!!! Smiles & Hugs & Best Wishes For A New Week ~ Robin

  4. Hurray for the big catch of the day!!! :-) We visited Eerie one Summer and loved it! I wanted to move their until my dh reminded me of lake effect snow... so I understand why you are holding on to summer. So grateful that Fritz found the leak while on the ground! Wow! They should send him a whole new tank already! Geeeez! I don't think I've ever seen a plane tail sticking out the back of a uhaul before...

  5. Jake has the fishing bug now...with or without the cool hat! I remember my Grammy teaching me to fish...I was "hooked". He is just the coolest little kid. Glad to hear that Fritz is well, sorry about the plane. I shudder to think how he loaded that plane into a U-haul. What's the plan with the sea glass? I haven't collected it in years. It's fun to try to find blue.
    Have a good week.

  6. So glad Fritz didn't take any chances! Whatcha gonna do with all that pretty glass?

  7. Hi Lauren....this first pic of Jake just reminds me of Opie from Mayberry. Just too cute.
    I bet the was a site to see, a plane sticking out of of U-hall. I be a lot of cameras were catching that. Glad he made it back safe and sound. I'm with you on not wanting winter again any time soon.

  8. Nothing quite like a lil' redheaded boy fishing:) Hope the plane is fixed soon!
    Have a wonderful week!!!

  9. First, I'm thrilled that Fritz wasn't stubborn enough to try and complete his trip. He gets a gold star for common sense. I hope its get sorted quickly and he is back up in the clouds soon.
    As for Jake, what a cute fisherman. I think Nanna better start looking for a lucky fishin' hat for the boy!

  10. Jake so reminds me of pictures of Zip when he was a child. Another little red-headed boy who loved to fish! I hope he continues to enjoy the fishing throughout his life the way Zip has.
    I'm so glad Mo and her new Mom are getting along so far. I don't see how anyone could resist that sweet girl.
    I was sorry to hear that Fritz didn't get to fly back the way he planned. It's better to be safe than sorry. Thank goodness he is a good sensible man!

  11. I am so glad Fritz drove home. But what an exciting event going to California by your own plane. What a cute grandson so much like his dad.That is a good size fish.

  12. Jake is a cutie! Glad that Fritz did not take any chances,sorry though that he had problems.Hugs,Jen

  13. You collected a lot of beach glass ~ good for you!!! It takes us several days to get that much ~ it seems there is a lot more over your way. Someone told me it has to do with currents in the lake ~ you go, girl!!! I, too, would be so glad that Fritz chose to drive his plane home rather than fly it! But, I'm sure he was not a happy camper! And of course, I just love that Jake ~ how sweet to want that little fish to grow!!

  14. I am sorry that Fritz will not be able to make it to the airplane event this week, but I am so thankful that he played it safe and trucked the plane back home. I am so happy that Mo is doing well in her new forever home. I am amazed at what you do for your breed. I do not have a heart that can foster animals, I get too attached and I cry for weeks, months, and years for my beloved furbabies who have gone to rainbow ridge. But, I am very thankful to those that have a heart for fostering. Thank you so much for what you do.
    Hugs and try to stay cool.

  15. I wanted to thank you for your kind words and prayers during this difficult time....they mean a lot to me! Dianntha


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