Saturday, May 28, 2011

Owner Surrender ~

Several readers have questioned what an "owner surrender" is.  Just as it sounds.  The owner no longer wants their pet and is surrendering him/her to rescue.
Meet Harmonica.  (This month's theme was musical instruments.)  I was hoping for Dulcimer, but alas, it was taken and I was told I could call her Harmony (too many syllables!) or Monica (too presidential!).  I have decided I will just call her Mo.
Mo turned seven in April.  She has been with her family since she was eight weeks old.  They are expecting baby #2 and no longer have room for her.  Come on, how much room can a 25 pound dog take?  They were telling me that she is the most wonderful dog, not a problem, blah, blah, blah.  I just wanted to ask how in the **** they could give her up after being a part of the family for so many years. 
Mo is very sweet and she has the honor of having pooped in my house quicker than any of my other fosters.  I was assured she was housebroken, so I'm hoping these potty issues are the result of her entire world being turned upside down.

I thought I'd better post a picture of my Loocie (that is a water drip on her chin) since my fosters get most of the attention on my blog.  Loocie is not too happy with the new addition to the family!  Mo has this fixation with Loocie's butt (we call it the canine google search) and sometimes doesn't know when to quit.  Loocie turns in to her attack mode.  It really is kind of comical since Mo is almost twice the size of Loocie.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy lives to stop by and read my blog.
I hope your Memorial Day weekend is spent doing what makes you the happiest.
Pug hugs :)


old crow said...

Dear Loocie, your Momma is a true Angel!! How could anyone give up such a sweet dog? I just do not get it!! Such sweet kind dogs!!! I love my pug to pieces!! She loves my grand babies!! So gental and kind!! So glad Mo found a wonderful caring home!!!!

Pug hugs to you all!!

acorn hollow said...

Why can't you use her name she was using at her home. wouldn't that give her some comfort?
I can't understand how you could give up an animal because a baby was coming. But I guess the fact that they gave her up to the rescue is good.
you are an angel for sure.I hope she finds an forever home quickly

TheCrankyCrow said...

I said it before, and I'll say it again - Bless you, dear, sweet, Lauren! What a kind and wonderful thing you do. I don't understand what some folks do - I can't imagine giving up one of our fur family members (although I threaten the Snow Dog daily....not my idea you know...) - but I do respect the fact that the people chose this route instead of an alternative. Best of luck to you and Loocie....(what a cutie pie she is!)....Hope the adjustment goes smoothly. Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

The Barn Door said...

Poor Loocie!! I'm sure she'll get her nose back in joint soon. And I feel bad for Mo. I too can't understand people sometimes and just want to smack them!! Mo looks stressed in her photos. I hope she settles in quickly for you. Sending a great big pug hug to you!!

Julia said...

Poor Mo, she must feel dejected and confuse. After 7 years, I can't understand either.

I once adopted a 11 month old Chiuwawa and he was mistreated and the owners both worked and left him alone all day and beat him because he made messes in the house. He wasn't housebroken.

He would poop and pee in the house so I tied him down at night and gave him a very short leach and he would not poop in his bedding area and I let him out early in the morning and frequently everyday I took him out in one chosen spot outdoor, after feeding and before bed time, Every night I lengted his leach and in no time he was house broken. The first few nights he cried. Peppy was the sweetest little thing and very loving.

I have every confidence that you will fix her problem in no time. Good luck with her. You are a kind person and you will have one more canine friend for life in heaven some day. Hugs, Julia

Courtney said...

I am also amazed that a family could give up the dog after seven years! My brother plays the harmonica, so I love that name. She is one sweet little pug! I hope she settles in soon and Loocie remembers you have room in your heart for both of them! ;-) I've always been a corgi girl, but after following your blog, pugs are becoming very intriguing!
Have a great weekend!

weaverpat said...

Mo's accident in the house is probably stress from being in a new place. I hope she feels so loved and cared for that her behavior improves. Could that be why they gave her up??? Instead of trying to work with a pet, people take the easy way out and just get rid of them. Such a shame!
I hope she is a good girl for you.
Loocie looks like she's saying 'why'd you do this to me Mom???!". Hopefully the Google search will be over soon!

Kim said...

Poor Loocie. The look on her face says it all. It sounds like Mo might have made a lucky escape. What happens when they have a 3rd baby - will they give away the oldest child?

White Sheep Farm said...

Poor Mo ... Can't even imagine what that little dog must be thinking ... But she has you now ... You have got to be the biggest lover of I Pugs in the world! Great thing you do, by taking them in, at least they will have another chance at it ... maybe get a decent forever home this time.
Thanks for sharing your cutie too.

TamboinMO said...

I just don't understand how people can get rid of pets that they've had for so long. Oops, we're having another baby and we have 3 kids, so I guess we'll have to get rid of one of you think that happens?! I really try not to judge people, but it's hard.

moosecraft said...

Loocie will always be the princess! Hopefully Mo will settlle down a bit after a few days...

HomeSpunPrims said...

Lauren you are the bestest! I hope Mo is a happier doggy very soon and Loocie is accepting of her. I don't get it either! I like the name Harmonica. My uncle played and had several different ones. Have a great weekend.

Orange Sink said...

Bless your heart once again Lauren. I'll never understand this type of situation that some pet owners create. And after so many years it's so cruel to do that to an animal. The bright side is that loving rescuers like you sacrifice and adapt their homes and lives to give these needy little souls attention and love. Keep us posted on little Mo's and Loocie's progress.
Hugs and more hugs to you dear Lauren!
Cathy G

Saundra said...

It seemed very redundant for me to write the same thing as everyone else, but I totally agree!!! That would be like giving up a child as far as I'm concerned. My Shadow dog has some annoying habits but I love her dearly and she returns the love unconditionally.

She has quite a vocabulary and recognizes activities with certain words. But sometimes I say a long sentence to her and she tilts her head from side to side like she's trying to identify the words and she just cracks me up. She looks adoreable and I start laughing she's so cute.

woolwoman said...

Lauren - I did not get to comment on how gorgeous your spring flowers are - OOH LA LA - beautiful!!!!!! Another foster needing your help - you are an angel - poor Mo - I would not have had any patience with the owners - glad you could exercise yours. Hope you have a very happy Memorial Day! Melody

Jo Ann said...

I would probably have to cut off my right and left arm before I would give up a family pet. I agree with you who does not have room for a 25 lb. dog. I could not believe what I was reading. Sorry! Jo Ann