Monday, April 4, 2011

Hooking x 2 ~

Thursday was hooking night at That'll Do Farm.  In addition to the usual suspects, we had a newbie to the group.  Melissa is not a new hooker, just someone we all met for the first time that night.  She is working on a Karen Kahle pattern. 

Jane (foreground) was working on binding her Klimt.  That's Heidi ~ Woolnuts ~ in the back.
Beautiful, bright colors with just the perfect amount of bling!
Heidi was hooking a very retro-looking camp trailer.
Andrea is moving along on her sheep rug.
A completed rug of Jane's.  I am not a purple person, but I love it in her background.
Melissa was meeting Bobbie ~ The Evening Stitcher ~ on Saturday in Michigan for a hook-in.  She graciously asked me to come along, but getting away for an entire day was out of the question, but . . .
I did manage to sneak away to meet Sheila (no blog) at the Ault's Rug Hooking Store to hook for a few hours.  Sheila won a give-away of mine and I had subsequently met her briefly a couple of times.  We've been trying to meet for lunch at a mid-point, but it just never worked out, so when she asked if I wanted to meet her there, I jumped at the opportunity.
Here is the Magdalena Briner rug that Julie ~ the Crude Black Ewe ~ is hooking.  To say it is HUGE is an understatement!!!

Judy, a friend of Sheila's, also joined in the fun.  She is close to finishing this sweet little kitty mat.  She said it is outside her normal color palette.
She also brought a Jill Peterson design that was hooked but not yet bound.  Oh, the colors are so much better in person!
Sheila is also hooking a very large rug.  She said she got the pattern on an online trade a number of years ago and she has modified the pattern somewhat.  I don't know that I will ever hook a rug that large.
I was working on my Maggie B rug.  I am getting close!
The last of the taxes were mailed off today.  What a relief to be done with that task :)
Thank you so much for stopping by.  I hope your week is off to a great start.  Ours was a rainy start, but at least the temps were in the 50's!
Pug hugs :)


  1. What a great group you get to hook with and how fun you got to meet up with someone from your give-a-way! Love the pics of the rugs -- So where's what you are working on young lady? We are getting rain tonite - it was nice today even had the windows open!

  2. Lauren, you are so lucky to have this nice group of hookers to work with. Thanks for sharing all he great photos. I got back home from my hooking retreat and had an absolute ball. I envy you with all your friends.I can't wait for the nice gardening weather to arrive. Have a great week. Hugs, JB

  3. Lauren,
    I am always so thrilled to see the rugs all your friends are working on! My goodness that animal rug is huge! Bless her heart and hands for working taking on a rug that big! All the rugs are wonderful and such a variety of hooking! Love it!
    It's hard to hook and take photos at these gatherings! Well done!
    Cathy G

  4. Lauren~

    Love to see all the rugs in progress. Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  5. Wow Lauren - What awesome projects everyone is working on! I can't believe the size of some of them! And such a wide variety too. My rug hooking group meets on Tuesday and I'm looking forward to see everyone there...... Thanks for all the great pictures!

  6. Some great rugs from a great group of ladies!

  7. Lauren what a wonderful group of hookers. I love the large animal rug. I am in favor of large pieces since I was taught that it is a rug making process and I usually am hooking a 3 x 5 or 5 x 7 piece. Glad the taxes are done! Keep up the good work.

  8. What a wonderful group! And great eye candy for all of us hookers :) Thanks so much for sharing. They are really great pieces!

  9. You've been a busy girl ~ flitting from hook-in to hook-in! Great rugs ~ I love to see what others are doing! See you Saturday!

  10. I love looking at all those rugs. Every time I see a post from you I think that I really need to pick this up again.

  11. What fun seeing all those in progress rugs - looks like a lot of prim gals in your groups - so nice to have a group to hook with. Cheers! Mel

  12. Lots of nice rugs!
    Now that the weather is getting warmer, maybe we can all get out to more fun hooking events.
    Is the rain over out your way???

  13. Lauren, thanks for sharing. What a great group of hookers. Loved the kitty mat! I had heard about the hook-in in Michigan but never did hear where it was at. Still waiting to go to my first...SUE

  14. What wonderful rugs! I loved the variety of all of the projects! I wish we had a rug group up this way...that may be my new goal!

  15. I enjoyed reading your blog ~ thanks for posting such useful content.Nice article and great photos. Very nicely done!


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