Sunday, November 15, 2009

One Feisty Broad!

Back in September, I believe, I introduced you to Duchy who I was pug sitting for a few days. Duchy's foster mom and dad were heading to Seattle to visit the grandkids, so Duchy came to stay with me again. Don't you just love that face? Duchy is about 13 years old and came from a shelter back in May 2008. She's a tiny little thing, weighing only 12 or 13 pounds. She's missing an eye, has a tongue too big for her little mouth and has unsteady feet due to a defect in the cerebellum affecting her fine motor control. (Whew! I stole that directly from her medical record ~ so much for!) This is a female who knows what she wants and makes no bones about it. Overall, she was on her best behavior (mom and dad had a talk with her before they left), but once or twice when Eema got too close when Duchy was cuddled up to me, Duchy went into attack mode and acted like she was going to rip her throat out. (There is a video at the end of the post of Duchy that is just too cute. Unfortunately, Blogger won't let me move it.)
Yesterday, Ohio Pug Rescue was invited to an elementary school that was having a holiday shopping event for children and adults. The pugs were a big hit and over $200.00 was made for the rescue. Here are just some of the foster pugs hoping someone will fall in love with them and apply to adopt them.
A member of OPR bought this little rug I made with the proceeds going to the rescue.
Here's the video of Duchy. I hope it loads okay. I've never added a video to the blog.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Once again we've had gorgeous weather on Ohio's north coast, but the plants are getting confused. I trimmed a few branches on my forsythia bush, and there was a flower bud opening!
Thank you so much for dropping by and come again soon.
Pug hugs :)


Boggy Creek Primitives said...

Oh for heavens sake!!!!!! Duchy is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a face anyone could love even with that tongue sticking out, lol! Pugs are the bestest arent' they? My Madison is on the chair next to me as I'm typing this, on her back, feet up in the air and snoring to high heaven. So sweet....

Boggy Creek Primitives said...

Oh and you came to my blog and commented on my needle punch santa. That's my own design and I'll be happy to scan/send it to you ~ just let me know :-)