Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tuesday's hookin' ~ finally!

Thank you so much for dropping by. I hope you are experiencing some fall-like weather in your little corner of the world! Here on Ohio's north coast is it quite chilly ~ mid 40's. I am still waiting for some gorgeous fall colors and for our Indian summer to arrive. They are predicting warmer temperatures next week and I do hope the weather guesser is correct. It seems we went from summer to late fall. I do love the fall, but not what comes after it!

Tuesday was the monthly get-together at the Metro Parks. Luckily I was able to take an extra hour at lunchtime and get in a little hooking time. I have a few rugs to post, and to those whose names I forgot, I do apologize and next time will try to do better! Several ladies were just beginning a new rug and asked that I not take a picture until they had more done.

I think this is Sylvia's runner. She always chooses such amazing colors. Mitsuko had finished this cockscomb and just needs to complete the binding. She plans to hang it on the wall. Karin's penny rug totally done ;-) Carol's antique adaptation was phenomenal. My picture does not do it justice :( She is an amazing color planner and the colors chosen for this rug were so old looking. An Edyth O'Neill design. Another great rug that my photo does not do justice to. This rug is being hooked in a #6. Her colors are gorgeous! Andrea is also hooking her rug in a #6. I think her sheep are needle felted. Check out her blog at last but not least is this sweet little mat. I am so sorry I don't remember her name ( I am TERRIBLE with names), but she said she hooked once as a teenager and nothing since. She is doing a great job! I had to show you the close up of Carol's sunflower. The center of the sunflower is done using a technique called seeding. What a great look it has! The second row of yellow is done using a technique called beading. She is using two different colored strips of wool at the same time, pulling one loop in yellow and the next in brown. (Am I making sense?) Beautiful! I hope everyone is having a fun, productive weekend. I got sidetracked while trying to complete this post, and we are now at 49 degrees with sun. Almost feels like a heat!

Pug hugs :)



  1. Lauren ~ Love your Tuesday's hookin' pictures! Aren't Edyth O'Neill designs great?

  2. Great rugs - thanks for sharing!

  3. Wonderful rugs, love the prim colors in the first one.
    Thanks for sharing pictures of your get together.


  4. beautiful rugs, Karin has such great color choices in that prim, love it.
    So nice to see all these wonderful rugs.

  5. What a great bunch of rugs in your group! All very prim and lovely...thanks for taking time to post them for us to drool over!


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