Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hooking at the library ~

~ ~ ~ WELCOME ~ ~ ~
Last evening was the hooking get together at the library. It was a small but very talented group that met. Last month we were unable to meet due to a scheduling conflict so it was great to see everyone.
Candy's rug is coming along nicely. She is hooking this delightful rug in a #4 cut and says that her next project will be in a wider cut!
The colors in Heidi's rug are very vibrant.
Polly is nearly finished with her rug. This is being hooked for her daughter and I'm sure she will LOVE it.
Both Karin and Lisa are hooking penny rugs. Karin's, on the left, is a commissioned piece. Lisa's piece is for her dining room table. I'm not sure of the dimensions, but it is going to be loooong. I told her it would look great on my table with my new old sled sitting on it during the holidays. I'd better not hold my!
Here is a pillow that Karin hooked. It is beautifully sewn together and filled with scraps of wool and has such a great feel to it. The colors are so old looking, especially the robin's egg blue Santas. I did not capture the true color, darn it.
Here's another small hooked mat by Karin that she will be listing on eBay tonight or tomorrow. Once again my colors are not quite right. The colors are much more primitive/old looking in person. Her seller id is primitivespirits and she lists the most incredible pieces. If you are not familiar with her work, please check her out.
An apology is in order. Sylvia hooked during the day, so she brought the most amazing afghan that she is knitting to work on. It is beautiful and I failed to take a picture. So sorry, Sylvia :(
On a sad note, I got a phone call from my dearest friend Mary. We met in 1972 in Spain. I was an undergrad student and she was a graduate student. We have remained the best of friends all these years. Her husband was killed in an accident this evening. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.
Pug hugs :)


Jackie said...

I have a friend that hooks and one day I think I will too! Love the rugs you highlighted!

Linda said...

Lauren ~ Love the rug pictures. Please keep posting them!

Joanne said...

Thanks for the rug show Lauren - beautiful rugs and it always inspires me to get my rear in gear when I see great rugs! So sorry about your friends husband.