Wednesday, June 22, 2016

They're Baaaaack ~

Commonly known as Canadian soldiers (whether true or not, I've heard in Canada they are called American soldiers), the Lake Erie mayflies have arrived.  They are supposed to be a good thing . . . indicating a healthy lake . . . but they TOTALLY freak me out.  They don't poop or bite, but I have this irrational fear of them.  I just discovered there is even a website dedicated to them and a Facebook page.  These facts are from the website.

"Mayflies usually live for 24-72 hours. Don't forget that they've already spent 1-2 years on the bottom of the lake as a nymph living burrowed in the mud. Within that three days, though, they manage to get into about everything you can imagine. You will find dead mayflies lying around on the sidewalks, in spider webs, on window ledges, etc. They'll go anywhere where there's light at night. Wear a white shirt outside at night and you'll see what I mean.
Many mayflies stack up on the streets below street lights. This is where they land after they get tired of flying around the light for hours on end. Once on the street, they are usually run over by cars and make this "snapping" sound and it's all over. If its dry, they turn into a dust after several hours of traffic. If it's raining, they turn into a thick soup that smells something awful (read 'real dead fish'). The City of Port Clinton has gained approval from the Environmental Protection Agency, and a grant from the Ohio Lake Erie Commission, for the very first mayfly composting site in America!  Now isn't that quite a claim to fame for the city that's already The Walleye Capital of the World!!!"

I took a walk late last evening and then sat on the porch until 9:00 pm and nary a mayfly was seen.  This morning I awoke to an Alfred Hitchcock type nightmare.

Millions of them . . .
I won't be doing any yardwork for a few days.

Thankfully they are usually done hatching in a couple days, but then there are skeletons of them everywhere. 

I've been working on a few "hooky" things for my upcoming show in September.  One pumpkin is done . . .

. . . and sunflowers that will be mounted on old bedsprings are in progress.  I'll be happy when the sunflowers on the "bad" linen are done.  Reminder to self.  No matter how thrifty you are, as Kelley stated, "life is too short to hook on bad linen".

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Pug hugs :)


  1. ewww we do not have those here near our lake. They would freak me out too. Love your bed spring flowers.

  2. No. No. No. Couldn't do it...I get a crawly feeling just looking at the pictures. Many years ago, we had a cricket explosion. Millions, everywhere. The sound of the crunching bodies under the tires of the cars was horrible. To this day, I can't pick up a cricket...

  3. Oh YUCK!!!! The pictures made me want to puke and can't imagine seeing in person. Projects to sell are looking mighty good gal ~ hope you have good sales.

  4. I'm totally creeped out by bugs...especially flying ones..the clean up would bother me excellent reason to stay inside and hook!

  5. Oh my gosh, I've never heard of those! Kind of creepy!

  6. Canadian or American, never heard of them but thankfully, none in the North Atlantic province of Newfoundland!

  7. Ewww - that's just yucky! I'm not a fan of critters either. I was sitting outside last night dismantling a thrift store skirt and came inside with bites on my ankles. Never saw a thing - dang bugs!

  8. I guess this is a good reason why we live in the Mojave Desert (So Cal), NO lakes here.
    Love your Sunflowers...I have a soft spot for them...yours are wonderful!
    Enjoy the day...Peace,

  9. Gosh they are so big!! Our May flies are minuscule. Like you can barely see them. I wondered how big they were. I don't think I would be doing any gardening either. I like that. Life is too short to hook on bad linen. I totally agree. I hope you have a lovely weekend in spite of the May flies. Your sunflowers and pumpkin are just awesome.

  10. Hi Lauren,
    I had to laugh just thinking about a Hitchcock movie called.........THE MAYFLIES!!! Hahahaha
    But yes, I can certainly see how you would think of that and agree that they are just plain creepy!! We had them in PA and I remember wearing a pair of white jeans......need I say more? I actually lived in Port Clinton when I was in the 5th grade!! Who knew they would have two things to be famous for!!! Love your sweet hooking projects and hope you do well!!!
    Heart Hugs~

  11. I don't get it. What is the reason for being buried up to two years when you only live for a day or two? That's like keeping a plant in a dark closet for years, take it out for a day so it can leaf, and then kill it!

  12. I've hooked on bad linen and now I'm hooking on Monk's cloth...I don't know which is worse...UGH!!

  13. Morning Lauren, I hate those bugs too, we call them Fish Flies, yuk!!!!!! Love the pumpkin and your Sunflowers, beautiful!!! Blessings Francine.

  14. Those are so gross !!! Thankfully they don't bite & carry disease ! Now you have an excuse to stay inside & play with wool !!!

  15. Never saw those bugs before either! Don't want to! Love the hooking you've been doing. Can't wait to see the sunflowers on the bedspring! Have a great weekend!
    Hugs Marg.

  16. Ick! Kinda wish a big rain would come and wash them all away... Beautiful sunflowers!

  17. Gross! Abby would be trying to eat them and I'd be gagging


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