Thursday, September 11, 2014



May God Bless
Hugs :)


  1. I will always remember how noisy the skies were with all the diverted planes flying to land at any airports who could accomodate them. We are directly in the flying path of major airports and the planes kept coming and coming.

    Many people were taking in stranded passengers in their homes. I was shocked and numbed as I watched TV.
    I'll never forget.

    Peace & hugs,

  2. I can't bear to look at that picture or talk much about it without crying, even after all this time.... devastating.... heartbreaking.... I'll never forget watching it all unfold all morning and then the whole day, while at the same time listening to my little babies playing outside (they were 3, 5 and 6) -- the contrast was surreal, and I felt like they were happily playing in the eye of a black hurricane swirling around them.....

    Sadly, it seems like much of the country HAS forgotten the horrors of that day, and what they meant, even New Yorkers.....


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