Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wool Room Re-do {{and two cool gifts}} ~

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I've read on other rug hooking blogs that they have a hard time keeping the wool room organized. I know exactly what they mean. My hooking room is small ~ only 10 feet by 11 feet and that area also includes the built in desk and a small closet. I had shelves added to the closet a couple of years ago and I thought that would solve my organizational problem. Sorry to say, it did not. I've spent the last week organizing and am pretty happy with the results. Now I just need to keep it this way :-)
Here is the closet before....

...and after. Now I know Martha Stewart would be mortified ~ ~ ~ plastic storage containers that do not even match!

I can see the floor!
Here is the room before...
...and after. The antique cupboard to the left of the file cabinet was moved to the spare bedroom. Luckily I had carpet squares underneath and was able to slide it across the landing without difficulty.
A few years ago, this shelf unit was in the bedroom, but I had moved it to the basement. I am a ten pound weakling and moving it back up two stories (with the help of my Sweetie) was almost more than I could handle. At one time it had double doors - you can see where the hinges were. It also has some square nails. The shelves were a later addition based on the shelf brackets. Is it perhaps Eastlake style? Anyway you look at it, it is perfect for my wool!
This is my wool stash. Pretty weenie, no? At least I can now see what I have and what colors of wool I am seriously lacking. The stack on the left side of the third shelf is all wool that is still unwashed. I am so afraid of washing it and somehow ruining it.
Initially I put the file cabinet to the right of the shelf, but it just wasn't "right". When I moved it back to its original location, there was this gaping bare space, so back to the basement I went. The second and fourth baskets are vintage picnic baskets that I've bought with the intention of hooking rugs for the top and giving as gifts. (Obviously that didn't happen!) The first and third are Longaberger baskets.
I hope you've enjoyed my ten cent tour of the wool room. Now if only I can keep the shelf and closet this neat.....
The next two pictures are a couple of belated Christmas presents I received. The first is from BFF Belinda. It came with two more set of papier mache eggs ~ one patriotic set and one for Halloween. Too cute. Thanks, Belinda!
This is from Karin, a fellow hooker (and one of my mentors!!!). It's just the most wonderful blackened beeswax lamb that she made. I love it, Karin. Thank you!
Thank you so much for stopping by. I really do appreciate it. As I've said in the past, when I started my blog I was worried no one would read it, and now I have 50 followers. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Pug hugs :)


  1. Hi Lauren,
    Your wool room is beautifully organized. I am envious!

  2. Hi Lauren...your wool room looks so nice! I love those cupboards. It's nice that everything is out in the open and you can actually see your wool! Great job!

  3. WOW! my wool room looks much worse than your before picture - you've done a great job of organizing and I bet you can find exactly what you're looking for now!

  4. Lauren ~ Thanks for making me feel like such a slacker!:0) My wool room bears a definite resemblence to your "before" pix...thank you for showing me that there is a floor beneath all this, and that it may be possible to see it again someday!

  5. It was getting late last night when I was reading your blog. This morning I am noticing those picnic baskets and how nice they look all stacked up like that. What a great storage idea!

  6. Everything looks great Lauren! Love the look of it all on the shelves. The baskets are sweet! And don't be afraid of ruining your wool by washing it. you won't! I used to be like that too and then when I wanted to use it, I wouldn't want to wait for it to be washed and dried. Now I do it right away so it's there and ready to use!
    Hope you can keep your room neat. I certainly can't lol..

  7. Hi Lauren - well, I only wish I had this much storage!
    I share my craft room with my husbands office and we also have dormered roof so that leaves little wall space for tall shelves/cupboards.

    I think your remake of the room is wonderful...great idea to use the bookcase for wool storage.


  8. Looks great Martha Jr.-- and if you ever get tired of those baskets, I know who you can call!

  9. It looks great and so organized. It is so much easier to work when we organize, I certainly need to get my wool in order! I know I have wool here and there and it makes it so hard to find what I am looking for! LOL
    You did a great job.

  10. weenie wool collection! I would love to have it :-) I love your baskets - that is a great idea re. wooking a rug and putting it on top.

  11. Great job on your wool room, now after seeing yours all organized can't let you come to my house, you would think your before was organized!! Wash that wool, fluff it up and get busy hooking it up. You need to do a purse.

  12. Wow, what a transformation on your room and your closet! And I don't think your wool collection is weenie. I'd love, love to have those wools. But being a beginner I have none, but I'm sure that I'll rectify that soon.

  13. Your wool room looks great, Lauren ~ love the cupboard and the baskets ~ now you can fill them full of wool!!!!

  14. Get that wool washed! Love how your room looks - love the baskets too! (I have a few of those items "intentions of hooking a top") HOpe you do better at keeping your room neat than me - If you find a way to do it - let me know! I try and try....

  15. Your wool room looks wonderful...great changes you've made...good luck on keeping it this way...if you ever feeling like traveling a bit south to do some wool room makeovers I can offer you a huge challenge...

  16. Your wool room and closet look great!!! the baskets are great looking at and perfect for storage. wash your wool you never know when it will be the perfect color for something you are working on.
    I have a hugh challenge you could work on as well.

  17. Looks wonderful Lauren! I just love a clean closet, don't you! Well done!(:

  18. Everything looks so nice and neat now. Love the cozy feel in the room.
    I need to tackle my rooms, so I can use them again.



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