Friday, May 5, 2017

Two Finishes ~

FINALLY!!!  I have some hooking finishes to share. 
This little mat is a pattern by Connie Bradley/Wool Yankers.  Started with her in a class in March, it is done - except for the label, of course.  The colors are so much richer in person (as usual).  I will try to get a better picture another time.

I finished hooking this rug (My Garden, pattern by Woolen Memories) months ago, started binding it more than a month ago, and just finished this evening.  It's about darn time.  It's a biggie for me at 22 1/2" x 42 1/2".  These colors are pretty true.
The weather in Ohio was absolutely miserable today.  Mid 40's, windy and rain most of the day.  A horrible weekend for a motorcycle trip, but that is exactly how my son is spending it.  His club had planned a trip to Hocking Hills in southern Ohio.  I guess not one of the guys had the courage to say "Hey, this weather is ridiculous.  Let's just drive down."  Thankfully there was one vehicle driving down so my grandson was warm and dry.  So . . . since my son is gone, I get to watch the granddog.  He calls her his "teacup Newfie".  His ex-girlfriend bought my son and grandson the dog for their birthdays one year.  When she told me how/where she bought the dog, it screamed PUPPY MILL, but of course I could/would not say anything.  She went on about how huge the parents were.  Well . . . Kali (goddess of destruction) is extremely small and most likely not all Newfie.  She looks a lot like a border collie . . . but she is loved and that is all that matters at this point.
Only nine days until I leave for five days of hooking heaven at Cedar Lakes rug camp in West Virginia.  I am so excited.  My teacher is Cathy Stephan of Red Barn Rugs.  Still trying to decide what pattern of hers to hook.  I've narrowed it down to three.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


Farm Girl said...

I think your grand dog is lovely. She does look like a Border Collie. I love your rugs!! I just love seeing your hooking. Too bad about it being cold and rainy today. Its good for hooking though. I think rug camp sounds wonderful. Have a lovely weekend.

WoolenSails said...

Your rugs are beautiful, one of these days I will finish the ones I did and make some new ones, maybe some small pieces. Definitely Border in her, you can see it in the face.


Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Lauren,
Your rugs are both wonderful! I really love the colors of the first one, and the design of the second one is so fun! Your grand dog is so sweet and I know your boys are happy to leave her with you! Hope they both stay safe! While you are having wet weather, ours is extremely hot....107 degrees today!! So happy they fixed our AC today before those temps hit!!
Your rug camp sounds wonderful and have fun choosing the winning one to hook!!
Enjoy your weekend!
Heart Hugs~

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Kali is precious...wish I could reach in and hug her. Your rugs are wonderful. each one has a different character than the other and I like that. You are so lucky to have those 'rug camps'. There is nothing here. Maybe it is time to move...again?

Thank you too for visiting my blog. Your comments are always appreciated as I do like company.

Enjoy the weekend and I hope the weather cooperates.

Mugwump Woolies said...

Great finishes! Love the colors in the first, and the critters in the second. Have a great weekend!

Julia said...

It is always a good feeling when we finish a project. I still have one rug to bind and it's just sitting there and I have one to design for a challenge.

Your rugs are beautiful and I like the rounded edges on that top one.

I can't see any big dog resemblance in that little dog but he a sweet face.

The weather is crap here too in Ottawa, rain, rain and more rain. Haven't gone to see tulips yet although they are in bloom. Will have to go for a car ride to see them...

I'm happy for you that you have another hooking heaven coming up soon. Wishing you loads of wooly fun.

Take care and hope the sunshine will find you.

Hugs, Julia

Saundra said...

Nice finishes!!!! Now, if I could get off the computer I've work to be done on two rugs.

Lucky you going to camp. I've been on the phone and internet trying to find a place to kennel Ben so that I can go to Barb Carroll's on May 19th. One place does not take Rotties or other breeds due to insurance. Still have to hear back from two of kennels which are an hour away. If I don't get lucky there will be no more rug camps for me.

Gayle said...

Love BOTH of your rugs - feels SO good to have them finished, huh?

Margaret said...

Love your finishes! Beautiful!

Angela Tucker said...

Your mat and rug are both gorgeous! Love those bunny tails. LOL

We had rain this morning. A bit odd, since two days ago it was 95 degrees. But, at least I didn't have to water my flowers today. LOL

You are right, as long as Kali is loved, I bet she doesn't care what breed she is...

Jennie in GA said...

Wonderful finishes. I especially like My Garden. Kali and Mattie must be related...I actually think she has some border collie in her . Talk about destructive!!!

Larkrise garden girl said...

A rug camp what a fun time your going to have!