Sunday, March 17, 2019

Edisto Island

I just returned from three glorious days on Edisto Island, South Carolina.  It was so nice to feel 70* warmth.  To see the ocean.  To meet old friends I'd never met 😊
Julia and I have been blog friends for many years.  Same with Jennie from Georgia.  Julia's friend Cathy, also from Georgia, joined us.  That is Cathy on the left, followed by Julia trying to hide, Jennie and yours truly.

Julia's "low country" cottage.  It was a delightful place to stay.  So much eye candy.  Guess who never got around to taking any pictures inside?

Wonderful to see the Atlantic Ocean.  We walked the beach several times.

Spanish moss.

The woodpecker's sure did like this tree.

Jennie ( gave me a crash course in blogging from my iPad.  (I can't figure out how to add a link.)  Had I been smarter, I would have done a post while with her.  I just thought I'd write a few things down and all would be well.  NOT!  I've been struggling with this post for an hour or two.  Then decided to try on my iPhone.  Well, that was going ok but then I got stuck and somehow deleted that whole post.  ARGH!  Am I making it more difficult than it really is?  Anyway, I have lots more fun stuff to share but after fighting with my iPad, I am brain dead.
EDITED:  After I published the post, I had to go back to my desktop.  Somehow the photos were not sized correctly (see below)and only half the photo showed up on the post.  I had to delete those photos and add them from the desktop.  ARGH again.  I may never figure out how to blog from a mobile device.

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Monday, March 11, 2019

In the Dye Pots ~

Last week I decided to play in the dye pots.  I dyed 6 different colors.  My stove will only accommodate 2 pots at a time, so it took a good part of the day.

The results.  I sure wish I could capture the true colors.  They are much more subdued and the top center wool is not pinky at all.

I started with these wools . . .

. . . and here is what came out of the dye pots.
The gold is from the Barbara Carroll/Emma Lou Lais book, #40C, Kansas City Bronze.
The red came out okay, but I totally messed up mixing the dye.  It was to be Rusty Red from the Nancy Raybould dye book.  I was supposed to mix the two dry dyes in separate jars and add different quantities of each.  Instead I mixed the dry dyes in one jar.  OOPS.
The blue is a wonderful blue ~ nothing like showing in the picture.  #62 Denim Blue from the BC/ELL book.

And then there were these wools.

 The results.
#26 Bronze Green from the BC/ELL book.  Much darker in person.
Fraktur Black from the Cathy Meyer dye book.  I LOVE how this came out.
And finally, my favorite dye color ~ Emma Lou's Old Putty, #85,  from the BC/ELL book. 

I hear Cindy is doing well, other than a little "falling out" with puggle sister Molly.  Sounds like a little sibling rivalry.

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Saturday, March 9, 2019

A Happy Sad Day ~

A look back at Cindy Lou Who ~

Yesterday . . . Cindy went to her furever home.  A really sad day for me.  Fostering is bittersweet.  I grow attached to each foster and consider adopting her myself (a foster failure), but decide to let her go so I can help another pug in need.

Cindy with her new puggle sister, Molly.  The picture is deceptive.  They are almost identical in size.

Thank you so much for following along on Cindy's journey to her new life.  No more pain/discomfort from a bladder stone.  No more babies.  Just health and happiness.  Godspeed, Cindy Lou Who.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

In Case You Were Counting ~

I forgot to post one other cupboard that resides in the hooking room.  This cupboard holds more wool (shocking) and some other miscellaneous things.

Fun angel by Mona Holland (My Old Crow Primitives) won on her blog many years ago.

Two antique crocks.  The one on the left has serious damage to the base but I've camouflaged it quite well.

Several people wanted information on this pattern.  It is by Terri Leamer, My Winter Cottage on etsy.  She offers paper patterns, which I personally love, as either an instant PDF download or mailed.  When I go to her etsy shop, it is currently not showing up for me, but someone who emailed me for info went to her shop and found it.  I don't quite understand that.  I'm sure if it's not there for you, you can contact her.  Terri is sweet as can be.

Cindy does like her babies.  Sometimes the "thumbprint" on her forehead looks like a heart.  Now how special is that?

Both the girls chillin' with dad this evening.

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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Hooking Room Tour ~ Part Two ~ & a Confession

I was asked what is the size of the hooking room.  It is just under 10' x 14'.  I know how to put 10# of stuff in a 5# bag :)

This antique table is where I cut my wool.  The light at that end of the room isn't good at night so I have a small Ott light to help.  (Lots of light during the day.)  Under the table is a basket of unwashed wool, much of which I hope to dye someday.

French laundry basket with some of my rugs.

Antique corner cupboard filled with "stuff".  It is in dire need of a good cleaning.   

Crazy quilt heart made by friend Julia in South Carolina.  We have been corresponding for years and we are going to meet in person this month.  Jennie from Over the Hill and Running blog will be driving up from Georgia to join us.  So much fun meeting blog friends.  I've met others in the past, and it is like meeting up with old friends.

A basket of worms and small pieces of wool that need sorting.

A few more of the rugs hanging on the walls.  Sorry they are so washed out.

On the floor.

Top of the tool chest/coffee table.

Now for my confession.  For the most part, this is what the room looks like (when it is clean which isn't often . . . sigh), but I did "stage" it a bit. My WIPs and other miscellaneous stuff was not included in the pictures.

March did not come in like a lion here in northern Ohio.  It was sunny but C.O.L.D.  Our 10 day forecast isn't looking too good, either.

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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Hooking Room Tour ~

My hooking room is the third bedroom in my home.  It is not that large a room, but I have 6 antique cupboards, a hanging cupboard, antique table and an old tool box that is used as a coffee table in front of the Chippendale style sofa (in desperate need of recovering).  I am most comfortable hooking here.  I know I have shared some pictures in the distant past, and since I recently did some serious cleaning in there, I thought I would share once again.

A few of the rugs I have hanging.  Patterns by Star Rug Company, the Woolley Fox and Heavens to Betsy.  

My collection of vintage rug hooks and some sewing collectibles.  Funky chicken made in a class with Annette Shaffer.

Pie safe minus its doors.  (Purchased without the doors.)

Sewing collectibles and many gifts made by friends.

Cupboard made from old wood.  A gift from dear friend Bobbie.  Antique toy sewing machines.  Paper mache boxes won from Marly of Samplers and Santas fame.  Antique sampler hanging below.

It hangs above this little cupboard.

Top of the cupboard.

To the left of the little cupboard is another filled with wool.

On top of the above cupboard.

Another pie safe . . . also full of wool, wool yarn and miscellaneous supplies.  Sewing pocket made by Melinda Cole and little pug quilt by Gayle of the Middle Sister.

My collection of putz sheep.

Little mohair animals made by Lanna Omlor (sister of Lori Ann Corelis) and a mouse by Primdollie Koch.

Stay tuned for part two.

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