Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Mid Week Musings ~

My shoo fly once had rockers, if anyone was wondering.  Not sure why they are called that, but that is a term I have heard for many years.  I knew it needed something, but wasn't sure what.  This is what I came up with.  Saundra suggested a little hooked piece but the little Christmas one I tried just did not work.  Julie suggested a small feather tree, but don't have one of those.  I went to the attic and dug the little tree from a box, grabbed a coverlet piece and added my childhood bear.  Not great but better.

Those who have read my blog probably have seen this tree before ~ but if you are like me ~ you may not remember . . . lol.  I just did a search of figural light bulbs on etsy to try to get an idea of when they date from.  I came up with anywhere from the 1920's to the 1950's.  I'm thinking the 50's is more accurate.  Not very definitive, but they are vintage.  Any ideas?  Janice?

Yesterday was International Rug Hooking Day and I did not pull one loop :(  I did get out the paper pattern and a piece of linen to transfer my rug, but that's as far as I've gotten.  Hopefully today I can get it on linen and start hooking soon if I have any hopes of finishing it before Christmas.  I wanted to gift it early since it is a Santa rug but at the rate I am going, it looks doubtful.

Sadly, a local woman was killed the other day by a hit and run driver.  The article referred to her as "elderly" and went on to state she was 49 years old.  WTH???  I assume the reporter was VERY young, but God willing, one day he/she will be 49 and I bet he/she will have a change of heart.  You would think someone would have caught that and not allowed it to go to print.  Come on, I bet not one of you think of 49 as being elderly.

On that note, thank you so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


Sue Swank said...

If 49 is elderly, I'm ancient.

Farm Girl said...

Man if 49 is elderly there is just no hope for me. I was in the grocery store once and one of the titles on the front of a woman's magazine was "how to have great sex after 35." I stood there looking at thinking, 35 my gosh are they nuts? I was 30 and thinking is it going to be over for me at 35?? Now 49 is elderly. That poor lady though and her family.
I love that tree and those ornaments. I remember some of that kind on our tree when I was a kid.
I do love that shoo-fly. I think it looks good. I think I pulled one loop. None today. I keep thinking I am going to but I had to make cinnamon rolls for a brunch tomorrow. I made a hundred of them. I am so glad I don't eat them.
Have a lovely day, we need a hookers unite in December. :)

Jacqueline said...

That is one of the joys of being "elderly" you can look at something and enjoy it like it was the first time. LOL But not at 49. I had a hearing test for a job when I was 36. The tech was about 12, at any rate she noted a hearing loss in both ears and said it was probably due to age.
I didn't pull any loops yesterday but I did steam a small Christmas rug and hope to bind it tonight.
Thanks for sharing your decorations.

Saundra said...

I'd give almost anything to be 49 again!! I think your childhood bear looks great.

denise said...

Your shoo fly is adorable.

Prims By The Water said...

Lauren your figural bulbs are between the 1930's and 1940's and made from milk glass. They are adorable. That reporter must be young...just turning 60 myself, I probably would be considered ancient to him/her. Janice

Julia said...

I had no idea what a shoo fly was. I thought it was a shoo fly pie, lol. The special bear is perfect for the shoo fly and I love your Christmas decorations. Now I need to get my act together and start decorating.

I celebrated my birthday the last week of November and I know that the 49 year old woman is not an elderly woman, the poor thing. How sad for her family at this time of year that she got killed by a hit and run driver.

I just got back from a 5 day trip to my hometown visiting with family at the annual Christmas family party. We all had a blast. Now I can do that, now that I'm retired. I have to rethink what I want to do now that I have joined the rank of retirees.
Stay safe.
Hugs, Julia

WoolenSails said...

Love how that looks on the table. I am always seeing those in antique stores, but I have no more floor space.
Sounds like the reporter is an idiot, lol. Just saying her age would have been appropriate.


woolwoman said...

those bulbs are very interesting - never seen them before. Glad your DS is coming home for Christmas! LOVE LOVE the sampler on the vintage box. It does look like it was made for it. The decorating is always amazing. So fun to see how well it integrates into your décor. Enjoy the season - Mel

Margaret said...

49? Elderly? Seriously?! I bet that paper is getting lots of complaints. Geesh! Anyway, I am enjoying all your decorating! So pretty! Hope you are enjoying the holidays! I somehow seem to have gotten behind in my blog reading. Yikes!

moosecraft said...

lol! I'm 48 and feel like I'm 28....(mentally anyways, lol)... I absolutely LOVE what you did with your rocking horse!!!