Sunday, July 1, 2018

And So It Continues ~

July.  As always, I am asking how did that happen.  Do you feel the same way?
Well, my Social Security debacle continues.  As you may recall, I am trying to get one form processed.  Well, early June I am told the form was entered incorrectly (it was turned in September 5).  Gee, the guy handling my claim told me that back in February but obviously never followed through nor called me back as promised.  It took me until last Friday to get an appointment to actually speak with him in person.  Bottom line, my calculations are correct on the amount I believe I am owed.  SO . . . the form will be processed and I should get the $$ within 15 days . . . but I have an another appointment scheduled at the end of the month, JUST IN CASE.  Can you say frustrated?  Whine over.
I finally have a couple finishes to share.  Not much hooking has been accomplished.  A long while ago, Kim wanted to know how I finished a rug with this edge. 

I started taking pictures of the process, but then it was so long between steps, I forgot to take additional ones.  Anyway . . . I will try to explain. 
Depending on how wide your binding is, trim the excess linen.  I always zig zag so that it does not fray. 

 I then attach the binding.  In this case I used wool that coordinated with the background.
Rather than turning the binding flush with the last row, I left about 3/8" showing on the front . .
. . . and whip stitched it down on the back.
I also finished my first Christmas present by whipping the edges with chunky wool yarn.

I still need to finish tacking down the binding on my Crooked River challenge rug and I'm almost ready to  bind my little mat for our Christmas in July swap.  Hopefully I will be sharing these finishes soon.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


Farm Girl said...

Thank you! I love how your rugs always look so neat. I love how it looks using the binding with the wool. That is a very cute little rug. I also really love your challenge rug I love those colors. Thank you for checking on me. I got busy with a post. It has been in my head for days. Thanks. I will try and write more this month. :)

marly said...

Yes. JULY!! And you've already finished a Christmas present. And it's a beauty! Don't get me started on government workers. The good ones are excellent but few and far between. Why bother when you can't be fired? USPS lost my meds and I wasted two days on the phone with the Rx coverage. Even with USPS verification, the woman had no idea what to do. Everything she told me was incorrect. Finally had someone else call me and they expedited the replacement (I've been without for 2 weeks). That was last week. It isn't here yet because it wasn't shipped and they have no record of the fiasco! My nephew's meds were totally screwed up and supplies for his pump too. Waiting months with constant phone calls even after the provider called personally. Wonder how bad service will be when pot is legal everywhere. They can't even do their job sober!!!

Prims By The Water said...

Thanks for the tutorial on the binding. I was actually thinking of adding wool for my own project like you did. Great Christmas present! Hope the SSI debacle finally goes well in your favor and you actually receive the money in the mail. Janice

Jennie in GA said...

Congrats on dealing with Uncle Sam. Hope they follow through. You have been a busy bee. I would love to see how you finish your bigger rugs with the four strips..especially the corners.

Julia said...

Lauren your rugs are beautiful and I like the way you sew on the wool binding. I just love that Christmas gift. The colors are great.

I sure hope you get some interest on the money the gov owes you. That is so lame that it took that long to even get an appointment. Just imagine how inefficient they are with everything else.

Wishing you a Happy 4th of July.
Hugs, Julia 🇨🇦

Jacqueline said...

Hope you have a great 4th and all goes well $$ with your SS quest.

Has been too hot here to do much hooking. Glad to see your May flies have all died and are gone for another year. We do not get them this far So. (Akron/ Canton) area. But I grew up along the Mississippi and am very familiar with them. We called them fish flies.

Love your rugs.

acorn hollow said...

Good luck with your SS sounds like a long road.
Love your finishes. We are so dam hot it makes it hard to breath let a long hook.

Saundra said...

Hope you get your $$ expeditiously this time. Love that last's a MB, right?

moosecraft said...

Me too! It's been a quick year so far...I'm ready to slow it down for the Summer! :-) Love that last rug....the recipient is one lucky person!

basketsofwool said...

Very frustrating I can only imagine Lauren!!
Who's pattern is the last rug? Is it a Maggie pattern from one of her books?

Margaret said...

Love seeing how the finishing process works. I've seen the using wool yarn to whip stitch the edge, but not the other method. Fascinating! As for the red tape -- ugh. It seems there is inefficiency involved everywhere these days! Good luck!