Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Time Flies ~

I can't believe I got home from camp a week ago.  Time does fly.
My class with Kris Miller from Spruce Ridge Studios was excellent.  I took limited wool with me since I was flying, but she used most of it in my rug.  Here is my progress so far.  All I have left to hook are the diamonds and the mindless background which I enjoy doing.

 I hooked in a bit of paisley throughout the rug.

Kris is excellent with color planning.  Here are some of the rugs that were being worked on in the class.  Lots of talent in our group.

Saturday I took a class with Rebekah L. Smith.  Here is my progress so far.  I am determined to work on it a bit each day and actually finish one of her patterns!  I positioned the motif on the lower right a bit too low, but I figure if I don't tell, no one will know :)  I am not about to change it.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


acorn hollow said...

love your rug and great colors.
I need to hook that acorn girl at some point in my life to many patterns calling my name.
love your Rebecca Smith piece.

NMK said...

Your rug is beautiful !!! Pretty colors ! Lots of really nice rugs people were working on ! Your applique is pretty too .....just think of the Amish .... a mistake in what you make is ok !!! I have a lot !!!!

WoolenSails said...

I love your rug, really beautiful wool choices. I also like your wool appliqué, love her designs and you are doing a beautiful job on it.


Julia said...

Hi Lauren , so sorry I missed commenting on some of your posts.

I love the color balance in that rug you're hooking and that applique is just adorable. Great stitching....

PS, I'll try to catch up on reading your blog.
Hugs, Julia

Leonora said...

So much talent on display here! And so much variety. I love it!

Saundra said...

Love the colors in your hooked piece, so guess you chose just perfectly. Also think your applique piece is wonderful. That Stone House runner is very stunning every time I see a photo posted anywhere but I'd feel too intimidated to hook it myself.

Unknown said...

Love your rug Lauren! The color are great! As you know I have wanted to do that rug . The other rugs were nice too.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Lauren,
Your rug is really beautiful and I love the paisley you have added!! Love all the rugs from your class and I'm sure it was so inspirational to be with so many talented hookers!! Sweet applique piece and love her designs!!
Hope you have a great week!
Heart Hugs~

Prims By The Water said...

OMG. I absolutely LOVE LOVE the colors in your new rug! Cannot wait to see it finished. Great job!!! Janice

moosecraft said...

This Maggie rug is hooking up to be a masterpiece! Beautiful color way! Perfect stitches on your Rebekah piece too...she has some great designs!

Margaret said...

Your rug is beautiful! Love seeing all the other rugs from your class as well. I love Chris' designs.

Jennie in GA said...

That rug is going to be a beauty. And I love your little pops of paisley.

vaiybora said...

wow !!! it really beautiful so much.i like your good idea Thanks for the inspiration!