Monday, November 13, 2017

It's Over ~

From Our Hand is but a pleasant memory.  So many wonderful treasure could be had.  Amazing vendors.  Here are a few of their booths.

Fellow hooker Kathy Bonnes of Homespun Antiques
Kelsey A Smith (Rebekah's talented daughter)

Debbie Hartwick ~ Heartwells
C Yenke Co

Christine Miller (Rebekah's mother)
Antiques and Folk Art
Guess who?

Lori Ann Corelis ~ The Spotted Hare
Stop by Lori's blog to see more of the vendors.  Her pictures came out so much better than mine. 

Once again I was too darn good!  There was a darling little sampler that I was considering, but Stacy Nash beat me to it.  She offered to let me buy it.  That was so sweet of her but I would not accept the offer.  My purchases were few, but I'm happy what came home with me.  Two pair of scissors and this wonderful little pincushion from Heartwells.  To give you an idea of its size, the smaller pair of scissors is just over 3 1/2" long.  The tiny strawberry emery that is attached is only 1/2" long.  I could never stitch anything that small. 

I could not resist this pair of scissors with the curved blades.  I love the detail on the handles. 

They are stamped STERLING.

This small tureen (?) minus the lid also came home with me.  It is Gaudy Welsh, circa 1870.  Not that I need to start another collection, but it does fit in beautifully with my feather edge.

Now that shows are over, I can think about hooking the three or four Christmas presents I'd like to give this year.  I did finish one snowman and even have it bound, but that's as far as I've gotten.  I need to get busy!

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


Gayle said...

Oh My Lauren - It would be worth it to go there just for the shopping! Wish I lived closer - so much fun! I love your new treasures.

The Eveningstitcher said...

Now you can relax enjoy the season! The show looks like another good one...but I was so happy to be home this year...too stuff happening...Love your scissors!!

Saundra said...

Those scissors are beautiful. Thank goodness no more Christmas hooking this year... I'm done with mine.

acorn hollow said...

oh how I could have made my wallet scream at that show!!!!

Prims By The Water said...

Love your scissors. Wish I could have been at the show. So many wonderful goodies! Janice

Margaret said...

Looks wonderful! Love your purchases. I love Heartwells, have the same pincushion, plus some others.

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful show and booths. Love your finds, those scissors are beautiful.


Lady Locust said...

I love your little scissors. They are beautiful. And oh, what marvelous wares. Must say I'm a bit envious 😊

Jo said...

Love your scissors! So intricate! Looks like a wonderful show. Now on to Christmas hooking. I’m working on some small wool appliqués. Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

Kimberly said...

Beautiful scissors. So much beauty under one roof. Lovely, Enjoy your day. ~My Best, Kimberly

Angela Tucker said...

Oh, your pictures are perfect! Love, love, love those scissors. I keep an eye out for beautiful scissors. Not because I need another pair, but there is something about using a tool that has been touched by others to create art. Smile.

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

I had my eye on those scissors! along with the two samplers Kathy had as well ~ but I am happy that they found you and will now create beautiful things again ~ always so good to see you! xoxox

NMK said...

The show just looks amazing .....your tiny pin cushion & beautiful scissors are so neat !!! Have fun hooking !!!

Farm Girl said...

That just looks like an amazing show. What a lot of vendors. I love it all. I bet you are ready to settle down now and hook.