Sunday, August 6, 2017

Feeling Naked ~

Well the Fitbit worked for about 24 hours flawlessly.  Now it's dead.  Totally kaput :(  I have relied on it for the last 10 1/2 months.  My wrist feels totally naked.  The silver lining is that their customer support is excellent.  Though they are clearly located in another country (far, far away), the two CSRs I spoke with had a great command of the English language and both calls were answered with no hold time.  Thankfully I had 6 weeks left on my warranty (not the way my luck usually runs) so I was given two options.  They would send me the same tracker free or I could purchase a different model at 50% off.  I opted for a new one since the warranty on a replacement would end with my original purchase date, whereas a new one would have a new warranty.  It should arrive by the end of next week. 
I've a new pattern on the frame, Lancaster Barnyard by Notforgotten Farm.  I couldn't resist the sale Lori had a couple weeks ago.  I have more patterns than I can possibly hook/punch/applique/cross stitch in 3 lifetimes if I never buy another.  I'm sure I'm not alone :)

After many years of putting it off, my house is being sided.  It has had a snowball effect.  I figured since I was siding, I should get a new roof first.  Now that the siding is partially completed, I decided I need new gutters and new soffits.  I might as well get it all done and not have to deal with it again in my lifetime.  Oh, then I need new storm doors, light fixtures and a mailbox.  Cha ching!!!  Now the big decision is do I want barn red shutters and a grey door or vice versa.  I need to decided SOON since I am painting the shutters.  My poor landscaping.  I knew it would be trampled and it has been :(  I'm guessing the perennials will survive and come back next year ~ fingers crossed.
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Pug hugs :)


  1. How disappointing about your Fitbit... There's never a shortage of things to spend money on. Since you love your Ftbit so much, it makes sense to buy a new one. That chicken rug is so cute.

    I have a new roof on the house and desperately need new siding and and windows and gutters. I need the roof totally replaced on my little shed. As if that wasn't enough, I need a new deck and steps.$$$ Our house is rather large so more money.

    Hugs, Julia

  2. My Fitbit died after 6 weeks. Your house will looke fabulous! It's such a pretty house! I was just counting my UFO's in cross stitch this morning...I think I was up to 7 and then got disgusted and quit! Love that pattern by Lori!

  3. I have a FitBit but I don't wear it anymore. I don't have any trouble getting my 10,000 steps in and that's all I cared about.
    Love that rug pattern!
    Your house is looking great! Can't wait to see it with your painted shutters. I would think your flowers will pop back next year. Lori

  4. First...Fitbit. I went to their web site and have had two replaced for free and didn't require a phone call.

    Sadly I've not been able to start my Lancaster Barnyard pattern yet as there is always a hard right turn.

    Hey, with all the work you're having done did you by any chance hit the lottery?

  5. Glad to hear you are getting a new one and at half cost. Score!!

    Love the rug pattern and hope you show progress as you go.

    Hope you don't drive right by your new house.

  6. What a very cool house Lauren!! It is going to look amazing no matter what you finally decide. How fun!!
    Oh, well as one of my friends said when her fitbit died, enjoy all of that good sitting. :) I admit, I haven't enjoyed hooking or sitting as much as I did before the fitbit. I am so glad you got the new one. I know my son loves the new one. I would be lonely without mine, even though with my grand sons here it has not been used as much as a normal week. That rug is so awesome. I would have bought it too. I like that. Have a great week!

  7. I vote gray shutters red door. I have a gray house red door.
    I mostly use my phone for my steps. I am almost done my rug I am going to needle felt on it wish me luck.

  8. I can't figure out how Fitbit works and of course, do not have one. I love your new narrow lap siding. I like gray shutters, red door, black storm door. You can change your door to any color with gray shutters but not if they are red. Oh. Did you want my 2¢?

  9. Nice to get a new one since you use it all the time and I am sure it has new features too. Love that rug, wonderful pattern and beautiful choices on wool.


  10. Hi Lauren, that new siding is looking wonderful. Am looking forward to seeing it all finished. Red doors are always my first choice with black shutters too. Another great pattern.

  11. Hi Lauren! Your home's new siding looks awesome! Smart thinking to get it all done at you can relax and enjoy without worrying what's next. My suggestion would be the grey shutters and red door... I've gone by homes that have had red (painted) shutters and the weathering made the red bleed onto the siding. Not sure if they invested in the proper paint or not, but I would not take the risk of messing up the siding investment.
    May you have many steps on your new fit bit!!! :-)

  12. We have a white house with neutral shutters and a red door. I love the combo too. Just a touch of cooler air here and it's making me want to hook again...

  13. I had to slap myself to keep from adding that rug to my considerable stash. Can't wait to see what you do with it. What a cute house!!! So much character. You are right about the snowball. I vote for red door, gray shutters.

  14. Hi Lauren,
    LOVE that rug and glad you added it to your stash!! Sorry about your Fitbit!! You must have just worn it out with all those steps to the falls!!! Glad you are getting a new one!! Your home is just lovely and I have ALWAYS wanted a red door, so of course I vote for that with gray shutters!!
    Enjoy your week, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~

  15. Love the new rug! We need to do various things to our house too, and I have the feeling the same thing would happen once we start!

  16. oh your house is going to look so great with all the upgrades. WOW - there goes the wool fund - that is a lot of dough! Love your new NFF rug - I've done a few of Lori's patterns and even added yet another new one to my stash last year that Kris brought down to OTO. hope the updates continue to go well. Cheers Mel

  17. looks like your house will be gorgeous when done...I vote for a red door too...makes me think about my much needs done but not sure if I'm staying here after I that rug design of Lori's...

  18. We have a white house with neutral shutters and a red door.


  19. Sorry to hear about your FitBit but I am glad to hear that you decided on getting the siding done on the house. It will look great at the end of the job. Also, I would not worry too much about landscaping, as most landscapes are designed to come back from abuse.


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