Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Not Much ~

Not a whole lot going on.  The 5"-10" of snow we were supposed to get pretty much missed us.  We got maybe 2"-3" but the wind is howling.  This afternoon I am heading out to the "snow belt" where I will be attending Carol Weatherman's class.  I believe they are getting blasted.  Since crashing a few years ago, I'm a chicken driving in bad weather, so my sweetie will be taking me and picking me up after class tomorrow.
This is the only hooking progress I've made.  I'm happy to finally have the background done.  Now it's on to the hit and miss border.  The picture may be a little blurry since I took it without a flash trying to get truer colors, but it is still too bright and the black is much blacker in person.
I hope everyone in the storm's path remains safe and warm.  Old man winter isn't done with us yet :(
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


NMK said...

So pretty ....you are lucky the storm missed you , here in New England is a Blustery , snowy day . We are expected to get 18-24" Enough of Winter !!!!

woolwoman said...

I like the black background ! I hope you have fun at your class and have safe travels in the snowy conditions.
I'm happy for one more blast of coolness down here in the deep south!
Cheers Mel

acorn hollow said...

We are in the thick of it right now the wind is blowing like I have never seen.
love your rug safe travels.

Kim said...

I'm a chicken driving in the snow/freezing rain too. You're lucky your sweetie will chauffeur you. Snow is just starting here so fingers crossed it isn't too bad. Love the rug sooooo much

Saundra said...

Got lucky in my neck of the woods too. It rained as predicted, wind howled like predicted but didn't get the snow they predicted so it pass me by too. Thankfully.

Lauren, I've also tried the photo without flash and it always turns out blurry. I'm convinced that without a professional photographer or a $1,000 camera there's no way to get a good photo. OH, or a tech to do all the photo alterations with software.

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

love your rug! a scrappy-happy thing! safe travels to your class, be safe & warm...

Prims By The Water said...

Looking good Lauren. Have fun and drive safe! Janice

marly said...

So far we've missed the heavy stuff too. Whew.

Julia said...

Lauren, I'm glad that your man is driving you to class.
It takes a lot of pressure off you.
You've done a great job on your rug and I saw the colors in earlier photos. It's never exactly the true colors anyway.
The storm is here and the wind is howling. I dread getting up to go to the barn in the early morning.

Take care and count your lucky stars that the storm missed you.

WoolenSails said...

We escaped the worst of it too, but we did get rain the rest of the day. The rug is looking wonderful.


Three Sheep Studio said...

Your rug is beautiful, Lauren.
Dreaming of Spring !

Farm Girl said...

I am glad you didn't get as much snow at the weathermen were predicting.
Your rug looks nice. I am so glad you aren't driving.
I am not as brave as I used to be. That bothers me.