Sunday, February 12, 2017

Why Am I Buying When I'm Trying to Purge?

Blame it on the collector gene :)
Hooker friend Melissa and I went to a moving sale yesterday, about an hour and 45 minutes from me.  It was worth the trip!  If I had a bigger house, much more would have come home with me.  Here are a few of my purchases.  How could you not love this face?  Jackie, the seller, told me her name is Donna. 

She joins my antique blind bear, also purchased from Jackie in the spring.

The cradle was another purchase.  Not antique but vintage.  Sitting on an antique cupboard in the bedroom, it shares the vignette with an antique sampler and one of my favorite little cupboards bought years ago on eBay.  I'm guessing the cupboard was lovingly built in someone's workshop.  I'm sure it is one of a kind and has the most wonderful patina.  I just love the scalloped top.

Two vintage hooked rugs in great condition.  I just couldn't pass them up.  I'm not a pink person, but these were too good to leave behind.

A Belsnickle to add to my collection.  Not old and I have many similar, but none with a velvet coat.

Now what am I going to do with these quilt squares?  I haven't a clue.  The "X" is the front side and the back is a wonderful old homespun, all hand quilted.  Just too cool to leave behind.

I believe this album to be from Victorian times.  Not in very good condition, but fun to look through. 
Things that were glued down are now just loose.
The album paper is brittle and falling apart.  The price was right ~ free :)
I picked up a few other odds and ends.  Melissa came home with many treasures, too.  The back of my Rogue looked like it belonged to Sanford & Son.  I did find out a 75" cupboard will fit in the back but the front passenger seat then has almost no leg room.  Good thing Melissa doesn't have long legs!
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


  1. Great finds! I do understand those "kiss the windshield" shopping trips.

  2. So cool!! I love that sweet little bear!! I wish I lived closer but four hours is a little too far for me....that's hilarious about the cupboard!! Enjoy all your treasures!

  3. I guess once a collector, always a collector. You got some interesting finds. You might be able to make a table runner with those quilt squares or some pillows.

    I try to declutter but never get very far. It's hard to get rid of stuff we love.

    Another storm brewing for this week. sigh...
    Stay warm and safe my friend.

  4. OMG, you're a hoot. You remind me when I was younger and on the hunt for antique, vintage, bears, dolls, small furniture, etc.

    Sadly, a chipped paint rocker similar or maybe older than yours only brought $2 when I took it to a local farm country auction. Do I wish I had it back? Not really into that any more so at least I got $2.

  5. great finds! I love your free find!

  6. We all bring in more than we want! Some of us aren't lucky enough to have nice sales close and that really helps.

  7. Wow, you find the best stuff!

  8. I was on the hunt for an antique teddy myself this past weekend with no luck. Yours is sweet.! Janice

  9. You have wonderful taste!! OMG, I wish I could tag along and buy some of what you buy. lol!

  10. No matter...You had a great time and found some awesome treasures.
    Have a great week too,
    Love and Peace for ALL,

  11. Great finds and always fun to get something free, love old ephemera.


  12. Hi Lauren,
    Just think of yourself as the ultimate recycler and guardian of old treasures!! See how much better you feel!!! lol
    I know that feeling so well myself and just think it is in our DNA!!! We can't help it!
    Wonderful finds, my friend!!
    Enjoy all those new treasures!!
    Heart Hugs~

  13. Lauren that sale was just a few miles from my house...I resisted even driving in that direction! you did find some great pieces though...

  14. looks like an awesome day sailing around the sales. Love your mats from the previous post. I need to hook a whale! lucky you getting those vintage hooked rugs. hope you have a great week - mel

  15. Love, love, love that album !!!
    I can remember taping keepsakes and treasures into those paper albums. So much fun.

  16. You find such amazing things Lauren. I am so glad you found such treasures.

  17. Happy Valentines Day Lauren!!!! Love the bear, so very sweet with blind bear. I ask myself that all the time, trying to declutter then off buying more, tisk tisk... Hugs Francine.

  18. Oh found some amazing treasures too! I ADORE Donna!! And love how you've displayed the teddies and cradle...I have several old cradles and no place to properly display them. Mr. Crow calls them ankle busters... :-( And know we twins share the same DNA....declutter? Is that a word in our vocabulary even? Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  19. Oh how fun! You got some wonderful goodies! I love them all! Had to laugh at you looking like Sanford & Son! lol


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