Friday, December 2, 2016

Much Improvement ~

Great progress has been made in the living room.  (Oops.  Vacuum cleaner is in the picture.)  All but a couple boxes have been hauled to the attic.  Swags still need to be hung on the cupboards.  I was going to change the bows but decided not to.  The last major hurdle is the big tree.  Tomorrow I am going to play so hopefully Sunday is the day :)
The paw print mat is ready to be bound.  With three rows of black (thanks for letting me know it was needed), the finished size is about 13" in diameter.
If I'm going to get more gifts made for Christmas, I'd better get busy!
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


  1. Wow, you're a miracle worker! It looks all shiny, bright and festive. Nice mat and I'll send a couple suggestions for other quick gifts in a personal email.

  2. Your livingroom looks so festive and inviting and your paw print rug is beautiful. The black border really frame it well.

  3. Looks good Lauren. That's a lot of work - you first Christmas in retirement!

  4. Your room looks warm and comfy. Will need that by this time next week.

  5. Wonderful job !!
    Loving that leather sofa.

  6. It looks so warm and inviting! The best are almost done. And the paw print is too cute.

  7. Such a beautiful room. So inviting. This is the kind of room that you spend time in because this is where you keep your favorite things.

    And the paw rug is perfect!

  8. Hi Lauren,
    Looks like you worked your magic and it looks beautiful, vacuum and all!! I had to enlarge the photo and it still took me a while to find it!! I blended in perfectly!! lol
    So happy you got over that hurdle and now can focus on the finish!! I am finishing up today as well!! Merry, Merry, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~

  9. Looks great Lauren! If you get your tree tomorrow you may have to tromp through some snow. It's coming!oxox

  10. My tree has been up since Sunday and not one decoration is hung...bah!!! I'm too busy trying to get organized.... Your living room looks really nice...I love your house!!

  11. It looks so warm and cozy and inviting.
    I love your paw print rug.
    I hope you have a lovely play day tomorrow.

  12. Hi Lauren, so cozy looking, very welcoming. Adore the paw print,

  13. Looks awesome. Santa will visit for sure!

  14. I am just getting caught up on things. Your house looks so cozy and comfy. Glad you are taking time for fun.


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