Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My Treasures ~

Just wanted to let everyone know that this wonderful booth belonged to Kathy Bonnes.  Thank you, Lori Ann, for letting me know.

This well loved bear has a new home with me.  I just couldn't resist his charm. 

His arm has been crudely sewn . . .

He's got a hole in his belly . . .

And did I mention he's blind?

When DSO saw him, his comment was, "I hope you didn't pay much for him!".  Typical guy reaction :)

The bear, along with these coverlet pieces and 19th century homespun, came from the booth of Jackie Cessna.

This carved lemon was done by Ginny Henson.  She had a trencher full.  They really did smell heavenly.  Ginny also had THE MOST WONDERFUL stuffed animal creations that looked old, old, old.  Had I not bought the bear, one of them would have come with me, too.

From the booth of Lisa Evans, Folk Art for All Seasons, is this sweet little box that will hold my hooks and scissors.  The neat thing about this box is that the bottom is in the middle of the box, so it can be used  up . . .

. . . or down. 

Last but not least, two patterns and a piece of velveteen from Blackberry Primitives.  They also had beautiful wool.  It's the wool that Maggie Bonanomi uses for all her creations. 

If you ever get the opportunity to head to Peninsula, Ohio, and attend From Our Hands, you will not be disappointed.  There is so much more I would have loved to bring home with me . . . sigh.

Two more things to share from the show in my next post.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


  1. Hi Lauren,
    I love your purchases!! Looks like Velveteen Rabbit has a new friend!!! He's so sweet! LOVE the coverlet pieces and your wooden box too!!!
    I just love those patterns too and have the doggie one!!
    Take care my friend, and have a great week!
    Warm Hugs~

  2. I love seeing your treasures and treasures they are!!! What lovely things. I should I guess make plans to go and then save for a year so I could bring those wonderful things home. I can't wait to see what else.

  3. You found some wonderful items to take home and wonderful patterns to make. I love the old velvet animals but I hate making gussets, lol.


  4. What wonderful photos of the show and treasures you snagged......sorry I missed it and meeting you in person......hopefully next time......thanks for sharing..


  5. I love your bear but I would have to give him eyes. I like everything you got! I would like that elephant piece too. sounds like a good weekend all the way around.

  6. Love all your treasures! Wish I could attend someday.

  7. Cute little guy...so glad he made it home with you!! Love all the treasures you bought!! Such a fun day!

  8. love your new ted-friend! he surely has a wonderful home now!!

  9. Morning Lauren, I love the new old teddy, so sweet and the coverlet's, great finds.Blessings Francine.

  10. Nice scores!!!!! So does that mean you spent all the earnings you'd made? LOL, that is what used to happen to me when I did shows.

  11. What wonderful finds! I love your husband's comment.

  12. the teddy is such a delight...so worn and loved...the temptations must have been endless!

  13. Wow, you did well. Love your purchases. DSO's comment made me snort. Lol

  14. Super shopping!!! What fun buys.

  15. Some great finds!!! Have a wonderful day.

  16. Lauren, you scored so major swag ! I am also a bear lover and would have loved to add this one to my collection. Let me know when or if you use some of that velveteen on a Country Canine from those patterns.


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