Tuesday, August 25, 2015

More Rugs ~

Thanks for stopping by again.  More rugs today.  Some are in Celebration XXV, some not.
This wonderful rug was hooked by Jo Wick.  If you are on Facebook you may recognize it.

Gorgeous color palette.

Two versions of the same Pennsylvania star barn. 

Hooked by Karen Larsen.

Another version of Pumpkin Thyme.


"Daily from November 4, 2013 through November 4, 2014 a five inch square design was sketched and developed using mixed media - A Year Study.  The project's intentions were to explore design style, experiment with materials and techniques and evaluate the results/experience....See research material and full collection images at www.ArtWools.com/Year-Study.
Susan was working on this when I was at her retreat in 2014.  So interesting to see.

Hope to see you again soon.
Pug hugs :)


  1. Once again, fabulous! Loved the turkey with the boy.
    Really loved all of them. Starting a new one today.
    Right now, I'm hanging them in my sewing room.
    Too many different fiber arts but I love them all.
    Julia in SC Thanks for the show!

  2. I just love getting to look at these. What incredible works of art and creativity. I think that is what I enjoy most about rug hooking is that everyone has a style and it is celebrated. I think being in a art medium that celebrates an individual persons creativity is what makes rug hooking for me just perfect. Once again, thank you so much Lauren.

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  4. Enjoyed the rug show. Hmmmm, I better check my blog comments because the comment above the one I'm about to post now was also received in my mail. Think I'll go delete it if there.

  5. Thanks lauren for posting these rugs from Sauder.

    That big white dog almost look alive. How can someone hooks such a remarkable rug. It must demand a lot of patience and dedication and work of course.

    Maybe I better check my emails too...

  6. Thanks for posting more rugs from a Sauder, including mine! Wasn't it a great exhibit?! "Neutral" seems to be my new color palette choice at the moment. Happy hooking!


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