Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tweet, Tweet ~

Still cold in Ohio.  -6* this morning.  Sunny but cold with more snow on the way.  If March comes in like a lion, I sure hope it plans to go out like a lamb. 

Last evening I stitched up this little applique piece.  It is a pattern from Maggie Bonanomi's latest book, Thistle Down Moon.  Only 6 1/4" in diameter, it stitched up quickly.
At the moment, it is sitting on a little table in the upstairs landing with a bowl of antique stone fruit, a doily crocheted by my grandma and a rug hooked by Tonya Robey.  

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Stay warm and safe in this winter that just won't end. 
Pug hugs :)


  1. very sweet! I live in Ohio too and I am done with winter!! I live near Lake Erie. It is beautiful but I need my garden!!

  2. That is a cute little piece. My hooking is coming along.
    Rather slowly. Also, during Lent, I'm working on charity
    quilts (baby and fidget) every day. I've tried giving up
    chocolate too many times and failed. I think I can do
    this. Julia

  3. That is a fun little piece and a nice addition to a table setting.


  4. Oh that's so cute ~ I should do some wool applique. Actually I have done it as well as a few penny rugs but lost interest. But heck, yours went so fast and is so cute.

    I've loads of antique doilies but none are made by my family. And I'd recognize a Tonya rug in a second since I own several of her originals. When I was married and felt more free to spend money went on a binge for her pieces each time they were on ebay.

  5. Lauren you're always so productive. Cute little applique for your table. You're very lucky to have a crocheted doily hand made by your grandmother.

    It's -4°C now but it was -23°C this morning. Such a wide range of temperature in one day. It's crazy. I had my foot in a bucket of hot water again this morning. lol...

    Dirty snowbanks were melting along the sunny side of the highway today. It was a rather welcome sight.
    Hang in there, just 20 days to Spring.


  6. How nice it looks so nice on that table. My goodness that is cold.

  7. Applique looks nice on the table with your treasures. Sorry about new snow. Is winter ever going to end? Soon I hope.

  8. Hi Lauren, love the mat, very Tweet Tweet.Blessings Francine.

  9. Great addition to your table.
    We are expecting 3 inches of snow today.
    Stay warm. ;)

  10. So cute. I hope that little bird brings Spring!


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