Sunday, January 4, 2015


My cheesy plastic light-up Santas are getting ready to settle down for a long winter's nap.  Today the temperatures are spring-like, but that is going to change dramatically in the next 24 hours.  Winter is going to arrive ~ like it or not (and I don't like it).

Friday I met friend Sheila In Norwalk, OH, to do a little antiquing.  I usually don't have much luck there, but did find a few things.  They did have a wonderful old feather tree with some antique ornaments and garland, but even the sale price was much more than I would spend.
I had forgotten I had the "egg crate" Santa on the left (do I have too many Santas?) so I bought the guy on the right.  His one foot has some serious damage (actually it is totally missing) but the damage will be easy to hide and for the price, I figured I could live with it.

I bought this book not just for the Santa graphic but because the date of 1920 was the year of my mom's birth.

This little pin cushion/thread minder also came home with me along with a few other "unmemorable" items. 

This is the view I've had of Maya the granddog for the last four days.  Other than to eat or do her "business", she is in bed under a blanket.  Sometimes the blanket will be barking and moving around . . . lol.
I have been undecorating for a couple days and hopefully will be done soon, and then another couple days to get the house back to normal.  Christmas comes and goes much too quickly.
Four days off . . . four days of sleeping in . . . tomorrow morning is going to be really tough.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


  1. Antique thrifting is always fun and great to add to our collections. I am always looking for old trees, none this year.


  2. Undecorating really is no fun. But antiquing is fun ;). I've been off since the 23rd so tomorrow will really suck

  3. I think we are in for a miserable weather week here in NE OH. Hope the roads are decent for travel. Should be a busy week for you for sure.

  4. I love your santas I didn't even get all of mine out for display this year. It does come much to fast.

  5. Try # 5. Having trouble getting my comments in.
    Love your Santas. Still trying to hook, coming
    along. Julia

  6. Great Santas. I used to decorate a lot for Christmas but no more ~ takes too long to put up, and worse breaking down. That plus the fact I celebrate at my son's house so why put myself thru the anguish when that could be spent hooking, dyeing or something else hooking related.

    Also like your new collectible goodies.

  7. I see I have my problem worked out. I went antiquing
    last week and bought this thing that I thought was a
    primitive coat rack. It looks sort of trampy. It had an
    empty space in the middle so I thought maybe I could
    hang a quilt on it. Well… the middle of the night it
    dawned on me that I had bought a gun rack!!!!! Now
    I have to go find a gun! Not really but I thought I could
    make something neat out of it anyway. HEEHEE on me.

  8. I think those Santas are great! You have had lots of spring like days haven't you? I have enjoyed my winter days and ours is going back to spring like next week. Drat.
    We just need to switch places don't we?
    I hope you have a lovely new week Lauren.

  9. You always find great treasures on your shopping trips, Lauren. You have wonderful Christmas collections! I know what you mean about "undecorating" after Christmas. Things never go back the way I had them stored...they seem to multiply! Love the puppy under the blanket LOL!
    Hugs, Linda

  10. Love the photo of your grand dog...LOL. Your Santas are awesome.


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