Sunday, May 4, 2014

Goin' to the Dogs ~

Yesterday was the 17th annual Medina Adoptathon and Ohio Pug Rescue was set up to promote pug adoption.  Several fosters looking for furever homes were in attendance including this pair.  I'm not sure how they ended up in rescue, but they are 9 year old siblings and a bonded pair.  They were adopted out but soon returned :(  How sad.  What a difference in the faces ~ one is so much more grey than the other.  Oh, how those grey faces melt my heart.

This is Lucy (nka Loretta) and Loocie.  It was hard to get a picture, but I wanted to show the difference in size.  Lucy was one of the biggest pugs I've ever seen at 35 pounds.  {{Loocie weighs just under 16#.}}  She was just "big boned" . . . lol! Can you believe she is 11?  Not nearly as grey as my Loocie at 8 1/2.  No, Loocie is not up for adoption.  She was there because she is just so cute ~ but I'm not prejudiced, not one little bit. Poor Lucy/Loretta.  She was an owner surrender. She had spent her entire life with her furever mom. Furever mom got a new boyfriend with a German Shepherd and the dogs did not get along, so Lucy/Loretta had to go.  I say get rid of the boyfriend!  That just breaks my heart.

This gentle giant was a 190 pound Newfoundland. Maggie was there with her owner.  She is a search and rescue dog and just as sweet as can be.  She went through two homes as a rescue before she was adopted by her present owner at 9 months old.  

I'm just trying to give you an idea how big she really is.

And here's Ellie this morning with daddy.  She didn't go to the event yesterday not because she's not a pug, but because she has little dog syndrome so bad she would have wanted to kill every dog there, even the 190# Newfie.

Thursday the Hidden Hills Hookers met at Deb's house.  A surprise 50th birthday party was being held for Katie of Kid'l de Divey Woolens.  The surprise was that Katie showed up early and was the first one there . . . lol.

Deb, Katie & Teri

Everyone brought a rug/project that Katie taught or helped her with for "This is your hooking life". A book will be made for her.  Here is partner in crime Melissa with a rug from a class taught by Katie.

Don't you just LOVE Katie's expressions?

I am happy to report that my closet is much more organized!  It's amazing how much additional space you have when there is some semblance of order.

I was hoping to finish Here a Chick this weekend, but I've run out of weekend :(

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


Kim said...

Someone gave up their dog for a man?? That would never happen here. Millie is #1
Great job on the closet. Wanna do mine? ( actually I'd be too embarrassed to let you see it)

Glenda said...

Ellie must have chihuahua in her. I have a chihuahua that will go after any dog regardless of size, not just bark but jump drying to bite them. I am glad you got your closet cleaned out but now I feel guilty because my is still a disaster. I clean only to pile up shortly after.

Three Sheep Studio said...

Oh what sweet, sweet pups ! It would break my heart to see them waiting for someone to love them.
I'll bet it feels good to have a clean closet of supplies.
The weekends are way too short - love your "ran out of weekend" saying.

P.J. said...

All the dogs are so sweet looking; thank you and those at the rescue event for all you do. Nice progress on your rug! A hooker party!! Oh what fun! ;)

acorn hollow said...

Oh poor little sweeties I hope they find a forever home.
I am weeding out my my crap room or craft room. I hate how we run out of weekend so fast.

Primitive Stars said...

Breaks my heart to see those two older Pugs needed a home. Such a great event, so many need loving homes.

Primitive Stars said...

Try again, not let me finish, great party pics and love your rug, Blessings Francine.

Saundra said...

You don't have far to go on Here a Chick and will be done sooner than you think. Closet looks great so now there's room for more wool ;~)

Oh it breaks my heart too, to see the pups being given up, particularly at that age. Just don't understand how someone can give up a pet but must admit I'm glad they adopted out Ben because I have a sweet Rottie who I adore.

BumbleBeeLane said...

Oh I hate to see pets giving up for such dumb reasons but in the long run I guess it's better so they find a real furever home with someone serious about them. Looks like you had a busy weekend so it's ok the rug isn't

Tammy Burks said...

I'm so with you on "get rid of the boyfriend", I'm always saddened by how pets are seen as "throw away" by so many people. I'd be like, "sorry, our dogs don't get along, I guess this isn't going to work out with us"

marly said...

Poor pooches. At least they weren't abandoned in the street like many idiots do. I got a chuckle out of the birthday girl's early arrival! Surprise!!

Earlene L. said...

What a sweet post Lauren...all of it!!!!!

dogwoodfarm said...

Oh, I hope they all find forever homes soon!!
Breaks your heart.
Great fun colors in your rug!!