Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I Really Shouldn't Have ~

I don't head to eBay often any more.  It's just too easy to find things I MUST have.  I'm not sure how/why I ended up there last week.  I think it was to check out Primitive Junky's latest rug. Well . . . I stumbled upon a rug hooked by local hooker friend Karin.  She hooks the bestest rugs. {{Look for her on eBay as seller primitivespirits.}} She hooked "Red Bird of PA" from a pattern from Saundra of Woodland Junction.  I'm assuming Karin sold it last year on eBay and the buyer decided to sell it.  
I think it's perfect in front of my baker's cupboard.  (That's what the seller called it when I bought it many years ago.  If you enlarge it, you will see holes in the middle of the door.  I'm assuming that was for ventilation when cooling baked goods, though it wouldn't provide much.)

The flash has washed out the colors in this picture, but isn't she wonderful?

I did get the Tonya Robey - Mad Hen Primitives - rug hung that I bought a couple months ago.  This is in my upstairs landing.  

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Hopefully I will have a Chicken Challenge update soon.  I am ready to start on one of the hit and miss corners.
Pug hugs :)


  1. Lauren,
    Both rugs are stunning and look perfect where you've displayed them. Some wonderful eye candy! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Lori

  2. Ohhh gorgeous rugs Lauren! Love how you displayed them! You should really make more trips to Ebay if you find such treasures as these!
    Cathy G
    p.s. I have cupboard envy!!

  3. LOVE your two beautiful purchases, Lauren! They look wonderful in your home. That bakers cupboard is fabulous...I want to follow you around on your antique hunts :-)

    Hugs, Linda

  4. Beautiful rugs...lovingly displayed. Thought you were going to say you bought the cabinet...awesome piece.

  5. I first saw Red Bird on Saundra's blog...what a beautiful design ! Love your Baker's Cupboard.

  6. Lovely rugs, fitting in perfectly at your place.

  7. Amazing rug finds & LoVe the bakers cupboard. Great decorating!

  8. I love those rugs you have them displayed so wonderful but you are right it is dangerous to go there.

  9. You can hook inbetween all the snow storms we seem to be getting this week here in Ohio.

    Love the pic's. Thanks for sharing

  10. love both of the rugs Lauren! they are just beautiful :))))
    Happy Hooking!

  11. YES, you should have. That is a beautiful rug in your warm cozy homestead!
    I love, love the colors in both rugs!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Tricia XO

  12. Both rugs look perfect where you placed them. Interesting, I had an order for the Red Bird pattern when I opened my iPad this morning. Thanks for the promo.


  13. Your rugs are So Pretty & Love your beautiful cupboard !!!

  14. Love your work Lauren, both rugs are beautiful, Blessings Francine.

  15. Your rugs are pretty and yes, I understand how things on eBay suddenly becomes things you MUST have. Its always so shocking. And sometimes, only sometimes, things arrive in the mail and you go, why did I think I needed this so badly? I don't go there as much either. But those rugs? They look good!

  16. That is very pretty,. I like all of the colors in the rug.

  17. Oh MY Lauren - I really think you need to give us a tour of your entire home - I can only imagine how many other wonderful pieces of antique furniture you have in there. Perfectly displayed with all your rugs - YUM!

  18. Everytime I see a little glimpse of your home I'm just i awe! Love both your new rugs, that red bird rug is awesome. I hooked that Tonya Robie pattern, but to have the original hooked for her! I want to order Red Bird from Sandra, just never got around to it. Seems like I am always stitching and don't find time for as much hooking.
    How do you hang your rugs?
    I just read about the weekend snow storm, ugh, bad for you with snow, we might get ice, wintry mix is what they are saying.

  19. That is very lucky to find that rug on ebay...It's gorgeous.You always have the perfect place for displaying your rugs.

  20. I just saw your hooked lavender heart sachet on Of Petals and Wool's blog. Lovely! How on earth do you do that? I'll bet they smell heavenly. Do you have a post on this? I would love to read more. Anyway . . . I am in awe of your creativity :)


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