Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stuff on Saturday ~

Why is it when you have money burning a hole in your pocket you really don't find something you can't live without?  Today there was a first time outdoor antique/primitive show not far from home.  I was sure I would find that something. Because of the weather, I am thinking some of the vendors did not show.  There were a few lucky vendors under cover on concrete and a few indoors, but those in the grassy area had to contend with puddles of water from the monsoon we got overnight.  We needed the rain, but it sure ruined many outdoor activities.  It did clear up in the early afternoon, so hopefully more buyers showed up.
I did make a few small purchases.  This little gal with alpaca hair is a Christmas gift.

Just what I don't need is more Halloween stuff.  I have five big boxes/tubs sitting in the living room waiting to be unloaded.  I still haven't grasped simplify :(

This wee nun has a few "issues" but she so reminded me of my Catholic school days.  I'm not sure if I'll keep her or she'll move on to another Catholic friend.

She has the sweetest face.  Her eyes open  . . .

. . . and close.  I don't remember the nuns wearing so much lipstick :)

Today was also the annual picnic of the Multiple Breed Rescue.  That is the rescue that saved Ellie. Thankfully the weather had cleared.  I had no idea how large that rescue is.  There must have been 150 people there and nearly that many dogs. Ellen was one of the dogs pictured here. She in the middle row, third dog down.

Though a little blurry (sorry), you can see the cast on her leg.  Before friend Judy adopted her, she had surgery for a luxating patella.  I think the surgery was only partially successful because she sometimes will hop around on three legs and the vet said her kneecaps are pretty loose.  

She was better behaved than I thought she would be around so many other dogs, but her "little dog syndrome" did kick in a few times, once when we were near a local "dog whisperer" who was giving training advice.  He went and got what I call a "behavior modification collar", put it on her and it seemed rather effective, so of course I bought one. I think that was the whole idea . . . lol!  It is a prong type collar, but the prongs are plastic rather than metal.  I hope it will improve her behavior.  She just wants to kill some other dogs, especially big ones.  She has no clue that she weighs only 11 1/2 pounds!

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


  1. She is so small too. She doesn't know they could hurt her, so I think it shows she is really brave at heart. I am so glad you had a nice day, I like all of your goodies, Halloween stuff is my favorite and I do have more of it than Christmas now.
    I am glad you have had a nice Saturday. I love that little doll that has alpaca hair. I have always liked those kinds of dolls best.
    Always fun to stop by,

  2. Sounds like a fun day. Love the nun with the lipstick LOL! I had oodles of nuns...even lived with them at boarding school for sixth and seventh grade...never saw one in lipstick!
    Cute little pumpkin...I have to reign myself in when it comes to Halloween...just have too much of it...but I can't seem to stop!!!
    Enjoy your evening,

  3. I went to a Catholic school where nuns were teachers but they didn't wore lipstick. lol...This cute little nun doll could pass as Lucille Ball dressed as a nun don't you think?

    Poor little Ellen in a leg cast, she's a brave little thing. I'm sorry that she has leg problems. I hope that the behaviour modification collar will help her settle down.

    If you have money burning a hole in your pocket it's a good thing that you found something to buy. As long as you were having fun getting things you like, I find nothing wrong with that.

    I hope that you are enjoying your weekend.
    Hugs ,

  4. It seems every year we find or make new things and the piles get bigger, lol.


  5. Hah.....happens to me all the time, Lauren! I see all kinds of things when I don't have a dime to spare....but when I have a little money burning a hole in my pocket...nothing! Oh well...I guess you can save your money for the hook in next week!! I can't wait!!!! Just hope I can sleep....still trying to figure out what to hook...I think I will have to bring a suitcase just dedicated to my wool! Have a great night!

  6. HA!!! A nun with lipstick...Love it!!! ;0) And ohhh - how sweet is that dolly with the alpaca hair!! I tell got some lucky friends!!! Halloween....hmmmm....yeah....I think it just sorta attracts itself to me like I'm some kind of magnet. I think I could literally not even dig in my boxes of stuff from other years and have more than enough to decorate this year. Now how did THAT happen when I vowed no more Halloween??? Hoping all is well in your world ET.....I've been such a rotten blogger.... Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Little dog big attitude.
    I can tell you that our nuns never wore lipstick at all.. I don't think it was a Catholic that patterned that doll. LOL

  8. Morning Lauren, ha, isn't that the way...but you did find some goodies there, love the pumpkin face. ...... such a great rescue, the littler the more attitude it seems, Blessings Francine.

  9. I like your primitive black dollie, as well as the Catholic one.

    Hopefully your Ellie doesn't tangle with the wrong big dog one day as that could have bad results. Thank goodness my big boy Ben is good because while trying to help a lady who walks her small dog around this neighborhood, she would always pick up her small dog and put it down once she got past me and Ben. So I asked if she would like to socialize it with Ben to find out that my boy was well behaved and she had nothing to worry about. Ben sat down, her dog walked a bit closer and then bit Ben on his nose. Poor Ben was in shock but was not aggressive back. However, the next time the woman and dog came in the neighborhood again Ben chose to walk the other direction as he didn't want to take a chance on getting bitten again.


  10. Good afternoon Lauren, Happy first day of Fall...Thank you for the kind comment in regards to my grandson Travis Lloyd...Wonderful finds, but am not to sure about the nun doll, I think it's the lipstick !!LOL. Winslow Homer has always perceived himself as a dog with stature...perhaps a Great Dane...I hope the collar works for you. Enjoy this beautiful day...your friend from Maine, Julie.

  11. I know what you mean about having money to burn and can't find anything to spend it on and when you don't have any saved, you see all kinds of stuff! Somebody's gonna love their Christmas gift!

  12. That first little doll you bought looks just like me in the mornings! The nun doll's blinking eyes freak me out though ;)

  13. Hi Lauren, I think we might have gone to the same primitive show. All I can say is, that you must have been there earlier than we were and bought all of the "good" stuff. Weather was miserable wasn't it?

  14. Oh how cute, I love the little black doll! You looked lioke you had a great time shopping, Hugs Cheri
    What a cute little dog.Hugs Cheri

  15. Lauren, soo funny... " I still haven't grasped simplify"!! Lolol!! You're in good company girl :) loving the sweet lil black dolly! And yep, it's Murphy's law... Donchya know? It never fails! Being all excited to goto a craft show, having money in your pocket.... And nothing speaks to you! Never fails if I go when I'm broke, EVERY booth is screaming my name!! Lol! Just hate that! I wonder if the trick is leaving your money at home? But knowing you CAN if you want to? Lol try to fool the money fairies? :)


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