Saturday, February 9, 2013

Goin' to the Dogs ~

Welcome friends!  I hope everyone in the New England area is safe and warm and "plugged in". The snow is gorgeous but I cannot imagine that much accumulation.

I have Loocie today so I thought I'd post a picture of her perched like a cat on the back of the couch. It is her favorite resting place and she sometimes spends the whole day there.

This grey face just melts my heart.

Ellie, for the most part, is being a very good house guest.  I think I've been bragging about her a bit too much, and every time I do that, she makes me eat my words.  She left me a "little something" in the kitchen and the thing is, she knows she wasn't supposed to do that!  When I went to get her (which was just moments after the accident) she went running upstairs and hid under the bed!  
Please say a prayer for her mom.  She is not progressing in therapy like the insurance thinks she should, so may get kicked out of therapy and just put in the nursing home.  I guess they don't take in to account the C-Diff and how that has affected her :(

And then there's Annie.  I am so happy to report that I got an update from her furever mom and she is doing well and they just love her to pieces! She gets to go to doggie day care, is learning new tricks and even goes out running with dad Travis. Oh, this sounds like a match made in heaven, well worth the wait!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


Patti said...

Oh those sweet faces just melt my heart!
Sending prayers for Ellie's mom.
Blessings, Patti

Dog Trot Farm said...

Hi Lauren, it just warms my heart to know Annie has adjusted so well in her new home and that she is loved and wanted...I am sorry to read that Ellie's mom is not making progress, oh, I hope she rallies, I hate the thought of anyone put out to pasture in a nursing home. I will keep her in my prayers. Thinking of you from cold snowy Maine, Julie.

Saundra said...

Happy to read about Annie and her new home but sad about Ellie. I know she is not your dog but there are pills that can control incontenence. The other option is to release Ellie to the daughter or ask permission to adopt her out. Sad situation all around and glad it is not me who must make that decision. What would Margaret Thatcher do?


marly said...

YAY for Annie! My cousin is in the same situation as Ellie's mom regarding rehab rules. We had to fight the doctor to keep my mom out of a home, but we did, and we won. She did even better at home with help but not everyone does. So sad.

Julia said...

It's sad to hear about Ellie's mom not responding well to therapy and hate that she is going to end up in a nursing home. I'll keep her in my prayers.

Thanks for the update on Annie. It's good to know that she's in good hands. And princess Loocie is busy being a princess, sitting high on her throne.

Have a great week.

Primitive Stars said...

Evening Lauren, so happy Annie is doing well in her forever home, love that....Loocie is so sweet...and Ellie is a rascal...Will keep her mom in my prayers, Hugs Francine.

acorn hollow said...

so glad everything is working well for annie and prays for ellies mom. we are fine but the internet went out on my computer and since I have zero computer skills I am using David's

jody said...

love your sweet fur babes faces! glad they are all doing well.. sending thoughts and prayers for ellies mum.. we are on the edge of the storm and it just started snowing and blowing so we shall see...enjoy your day lauren!

jan said...

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Kim said...

Loocie looks so comfortable up there on her perch. Sorry to hear your friend isn't doing well. She's in my prayers.

Larkrise garden girl said...

I love your cute pictures of the sweet pugs.Your such a good person, Hugs Cheri

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Loocie looks like she enjoys sitting up there and looks quite content! Ellie is sure keeping you on your toes...but she can sure melt your heart with that face! Hope your friend starts improving soon :)

Raymond Homestead said...

Love all the sweet puppy faces! Hope Ellie's mom gets better.