Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Hook-y Tip ~

This great tip comes from fellow hooker Melissa.  {Many of you probably already knew this, but not me!}  I don't have a place to keep my sewing machine out so every time I've drawn up  a rug, I drag the machine from the closet to zigzag the edges.  I think it takes as much time to get the machine out and put it away as it does to zigzag.  I purchased Heat n Bond at Walmart . . .

. . . and ironed it on the edges.  Easy, peasy and fast.  Voila!  No more fraying.  The only caveat is to cut it off before steaming your completed rug since it will melt to your iron.

As I've mentioned, my daffodil buds have been up a couple inches since December.  Last week I picked 2 buds and one has bloomed.  We have had a couple nights of single digit temps so I'm hoping the buds have survived.  Let's all say a little prayer that the groundhog was correct in his prognostication.  I am so ready to go play in the yard.

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  1. good idea I use duct tape. Our flowers are under the snow and we are expecting more snow on Saturday night.

  2. I have use masking tape around the edge for a short cut and it worked. I normally zigzag but it frays sometime. I don't have a Serger sewing machine.

    We are still buried in snow and ice and no sign of spring here yet I'm afraid.

    St Patrick day is on March 17 I think. Bring on March and while at it bring on spring. I'm READY...

    Have a great weekend and stay safe and warm.

  3. Great tip !! Thank you for passing it along !!

  4. Awesome tip!I too am anxious for spring.It will be so nice to play in the dirt.Hugs,Jen

  5. wonder if heat and bond will work on cross stitch,too? denise

  6. Luckily my serger is always out and available in my wool room so use that. But my friend Shari uses duck tape.


  7. Oh Lauren, THANK YOU!!!! Thats where I have my problums, always fraying and I get so mad I give up, will try the bright Daffodiffs, need some Spring here badly, Hugs Francine.

  8. Thank you so much for this wonderful tip!!!!
    Not only would it be good for rug hooking but I use onsberg fabric for some of my Penny Rugs and the edges fray too...I was thinking of using just plain scotch tape but this looks like it would be better.

  9. Great tip Lauren. My sewing maching is not easily accessible either. That is sometimes my excuse for not finishing binding hooked pieces. (LOL)

  10. I wanna play in the yard too! Beautiful Daffydil!

  11. What a good idea, I have that stuff everywhere. I will try it next time. Thanks about cutting it off before you steam it.
    Yes, yesterday I pulled some weeds and it just felt so good to do that. I really do miss the dirt. :)

  12. Wow! That daffodil bloomed nicely! As cold as it's been it's hard to remember that we had some warm temps. I checked to see if my hyacinths were popping up and it didn't look like it a week ago. Maybe I'd better peak at them again! I did learn that about the heat and bond when I took the rug hooking class but sadly couldn't remember the name so...THANKS! Now I know what to get (that is if I ever get around to hooking again!) It was great to see you and Melissa at Ault's! I didn't think about it until later - but we should have invited the two of you to join us for lunch!


  13. Great tip! I saw daffodils in the store this week...always a welcome sight as we cannot grow them down here.
    Have a great weekend,

  14. great tip, Lauren :)
    i just found some on ebay and ordered it...

  15. I hadn't thought of Heat 'n Bond!! Thanks for the great tip, Lauren!



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