Friday, July 6, 2012

Embracing the "blobs"???

Thank you so much for all your input on my blob dilemma on my Henny Penny rug.  I still haven't decided if I will keep them or reverse hook those two areas.

The 4th of July was very nice, spent with family and friends.  It doesn't get much better than that! I was excited to try the fireworks setting on my camera.  Can you say "total failure"?  The pictures are kind of cool but not what I anticipated.  
Poor Annie was totally traumatized by the fireworks.  I mean she was in a panicked frenzy.  DSO doesn't live too far from where the fireworks are set off so the booms are VERY loud.  Fritz was so sweet and took her inside so I could enjoy the fireworks.  She just sat on his lap and trembled.  Yesterday she started to get back to her normal self, but even this evening there are still a few fireworks being discharged so she is not more than a foot from my side.

We have had a couple large thunderstorms come through northern Ohio in the last couple of days.  We got some much needed rain but thankfully no damage or loss of power.  I do welcome the rain!
This evening I was determined to do a little yard work.  I lasted just a half hour before I thought I'd melt like the Wicked Witch of the West.  
A few more pictures from around the yard . . .

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Pug hugs :)


  1. I think your fireworks pictures turned out great! We went to a fireworks display and left the dogs home with several radios playing loudly, don't know how they did, but they were certainly glad to see us when we got home. Your yard is looking great!

  2. i think your fireworks pics turned out great! denise

  3. Hi Lauren, beutiful pictures of the fire works, feel bad for the dogs, mine to is terrified of the loud noise. Love the watering cans and the gardens. Glad you got some much needed rain, Blessings Francine.

  4. Crazy lady! Heat index was 107 in Ohio today. No gardening until it cools off a bit. :-)

  5. Hi Lauren, I like your firework pictures! That is too bad about your pup, it is so hard for them, glad she is starting to feel better. I just love those watering cans, I am keeping my eyes open for at least one. Have a great weekend.
    Be blessed,

  6. Lauren, I attempted to leave an opinion on your Henny Penny rug "blob" post, but kept getting error messages that night...who knows what happened!? I wanted to say that I love the "blobs" and think the rug looks very primitive with them IMHO!

    Your fireworks pictures are great!

  7. Lauren your fireworks pictures were really good! I love the pics around the yard, Hugs Cheri

  8. Your pictures of the firewords were great I thought. Love your watercan collection and the rest of the garde pictures. I too have a trike in my yard with a birdhouse sitting on the seat.... like minds.


  9. I enjoyed your pictures and am glad to hear the pugs have settled down after all the celebrating of the 4th. My two don't seem to be bothered by the fireworks, but they do keep their eyes on me to see(I guess)if I am alarmed. They pretty much slept through all the hullabaloo.

  10. we had some weird renters across the street setting off huge huge fireworks and i eventually called police as we all have old wood houses here... they said yea weve been getting complaints on and off all day. i said well its time to do something then! they ended up handcuffing and taking a guy away. my dogs would all bark and the cats would fly in from the porch. love all your garden pictures and love the watering cans on the steps! enjoy your evening!

  11. Yikes....did I get behind here or what?! (Sorry!) I totally missed the fireworks this year....Usually I can see them in the distance - either from the town to the north, or from some rogue neighbors (which is close enough for me), but not this year....just some strange lightening to the East for a brief time....but, alas, no rain....and still no rain. I kinda like your funky photos....Wow...awesome camera to have a special setting just for fireworks.... Great flower shots...but, ah - those watering cans steal my heart.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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