Sunday, May 20, 2012

1827 Sampler ~

I don't often visit Etsy.  It is just too easy to find things to buy so usually I avoid it.  I'm not sure how I ended up there a few weeks ago, but I found this wonderful sampler that I decided I couldn't live without :)   It is just a little shy of being 12"x16".  It is unframed and backed with a piece of fabric.  The linen is very fine and feels so soft and worn.  It is predominantly cross stitch with the large blue alphabet and initials done in the eyelet stitch.

The verse reads, 
"This give a lite to every one
 It gives but borrows none
 When this you see remember me
 When I am dead and gone"

It is dated 1827 and initialed EAP, aged 14.  You can see a large repair under the date.  There are a few smaller repairs and a few missing stitches.  All in all, I consider it in very good shape for its age and I'm so happy I stumbled upon it!

I am a bit confused about the letter "J" in samplers.  I know the letter J was one of the last letters to be added to our alphabet.  I am not sure when it became commonly used.  It is present in this sampler, yet I have another redwork sampler dated 1892 that does not have the J.  Can anyone shed any light on this?
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  1. Great piece ~ congrats for finding it. Sorry, I can't shed light on the J issue for you.

  2. Beautiful sampler, lucky you to have found it. I have the charts for probably hundreds of antique repro samplers, and the only thing I can tell you is that sometimes there is a J, sometimes not. I'll try to look in some of my books and see if I can find more.

  3. Wow Lauren, that sampler is 185 years old. It has both the J and the U which were two letters that were added at a later date in our alphabet.

    It's quite a find that you stumbled upon. How are you going to display it?

    Thanks for sharing this interesting event with us. Hugs. JB

  4. Oh....I'm turning ugly shades of green here...I love, Love, LOVE old samplers!! Please let us know if you can glean any more info out about it. As for the letter "J" - it truly is not a reliable way of dating a sampler to my knowledge. The letter J was introduced into our alphabet in the mid 1700's - but depending on area and practice, it was "adopted" with varying acceptance at different times in different places....So it does not surprise me that your 1892 sampler has it and this one does not. Not much help I know....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. What a great find. I do not not about the J so I am no help at all.

  6. What a wonderful early sampler! I think that of all the things we collect, these naive works are the most charming.
    Have a great week,

  7. from what I've read, the letters 'J' & 'I' were sometimes left out of their samplers...maybe it's becasue the threads and linens were considered to be prized and so very expensive? perhaps they were just begin frugal? how quaint that would be!!

  8. Lauren,
    What a treasure! Thanks for showing us. Have a great day. Hugs, Lori

  9. Can't help you on the 'J' either Lauren but you do have some interesting comments.
    I love this piece of are so fortunate to get it.

  10. A real treasure! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  11. WOW Lauren - I'm pea green with envy at your excellent find - lucky you to have added this awesome alphabet sampler to your wonderful collection. Sounds like you are making hooking progress too. have a great week! Mel

  12. Oh, you picked up the most wonderful find. I'm green with envy.

    With the "j" I think that it was left out because the way it was pronounced was very similar to "i" a long time ago.

    I remember that when my husband and I were first dating I had a few samplers on my walls and he finally asked me if I knew my alphabet because the "j" was missing out of most of them! LOL

  13. What a beautiful sampler and lucky you to find it and such great shape for how old it is!

    Oh and your the winner of the watercolor and wool giveaway. Congratulations!!!


  14. Wow, you found a gem there. You never know what goodies lurk online. :)

  15. Wonderful find, Lauren...old samplers are so appealing, aren't they?

    Congrats on snagging a real treasure!

  16. It's beautiful Lauren.

    Have a wonderful week~Becky


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