Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Doin' the Math ~

I've often wondered about the going rate for commissioned hooked rugs.  I recently was on the website of a well known hooker and pattern designer, and her rate was between $125 and $175 a square foot, depending on the complexity of the design.  $125 a square foot works out to be $.87 a square inch and at $175 it works out to be $1.21 a square inch.  Out of curiosity I compared that to some hooked pieces that are on a new selling blog.  The pieces ranged from $.38 a square inch to $1.07 a square inch.  I guess it really does pay to be well known!

Here are three little heart mats I recently finished.  (Hooked but not bound.)  This first piece is 6 3/4" by 7 1/4" for a total of 50 square inches.  If I was famous I may be able to get $43.50 (since it's not complex I'm figuring $.87 a square inch) but since I'm not, maybe I could get $19.00 ($.38 a square inch).

I love the colors in this little mat.  Of course they are MUCH better in person.  It's about 6" x 9".

About 10 1/4" x 5 1/2". 

Have no fear.  I don't plan on selling them.  They will most likely be given away.

Thanks for stopping by for the math lesson.
Hugs :)


  1. Sweet little mats. I know what you mean about the pricing - Wild!

  2. Love your little rugs, just perfect for Valentine's day.
    I hear you about being well known and being able to charge more. It's not just for hooked rugs. It amazes me to see some of the stuff out there that people will pay a fortune for because it has a "name" behind it, and a lot of the time, the stuff isn't even that great. I guess I'm just cheap, and would rather pay for quality than a name, LOL!

  3. I've often wondered how to price hooked rugs, not that I'm any where near ready to sell anything.

  4. Oh Lauren - pricing is a pain in the you know what for me! I know back in 2002 I think RHooking Mag did an article on what to charge - so if I was to follow that - then a 12 x 12 mat would go for about $125-$140 dollars. No way would i be able to get that in my area! I have been criticized about pricing mine to low (that it's an insult to all rug hookers! Image that!) Still I feel when I do sell I don't want to give them away but I also want to sell them and make someone happy - so it's a slippery slope for sure! And sometimes it depends on where it's being sold and also if it's a comission (like the order I got last year for 10 chairpads -of course you want to give someone like that a great price!) I for one don't follow the norm and even some of the best and most famous rugs I feel are overpriced! Just my little old opinion! Oh I better stop....don't get me started....

  5. This is a very interesting post. It is simply amazing how much some folks get for their items. I'm happy to get back what I have in plus a little extra. As long as I have enough to make more then I'm happy :)

  6. Oh....and your little mats are wonderful. Love the wools you used :)

  7. Oh goodness, I love the mats but your math made my head spin!!! Doesnt' take much for that to happen these days though!!
    I'm hooking away and will post a picture soon.
    Karen & the Hounds

  8. Thanks for sharing the math Lauren, I was taught $125 per sq ft. Your mats are wonderful.

  9. they are beautiful! i just wish i knew how to hook. denise

  10. What I've learned from crafting is you gotta love what you do because you seldom get paid for your time.I know it's a good thought but in reality most people today don't care if it's "folk art" or imported from china as long as it has the look.I for one look for the real folk art but will not pay ridiculus prices just because it's from a sought after artist.Your mats are wonderful.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  11. Pricing is ALWAYS tough! Just make sure that you are getting what you are worth dear... don't sell yourself short. Your rugs are wonderful!

  12. Love your little mats, and bet you could get what you want for them. Pricing is soooo hard. My prices vary. I look at the design, and yes some of the "time" put into it. I know others don't do that. Like Joanne, I don't want to give them away, but want to make someone happy.
    I don't always want to keep what I make either, so sometimes it is a little lower priced. Very hard to be consistent.
    And like Betty said, and this goes for everyone. Don't sell yourself short. The materials for rug hooking are not getting any cheaper!
    I love your hooking!!

  13. Morning Lauren...your rug hooking is perfect...I love how you blend colors so beautifully - you have a wonderful talent for it...but I think you should sell your great works - I know they would sell.
    Pricing....I've wondered how it all came about...my items are priced by the inch if I have a special order - about the only way I can do it.


  14. Hi Lauren, of course being a fairly new hooker it takes me forever to get things done. And since I am too "old" to have time to become famous what I finish is all mine! I used to think hooked rugs were high priced till I started buying good wool...now I know why they can be expensive.
    Love all of your mats.

  15. Yes, it's a tough one! I price mine at less than the $125 and occasionally sell one ~ it's amazing to me how much some of the gals can command ~ I hope I live long enough to do that!! Cute little mats, by the way!!

  16. Oh, Lauren - your work is just as beautiful. You should consider it.
    After all, how else does someone
    become 'famous'?
    Don't forget too, that maybe some of those prices are retail? That's more when a store has them, right?
    I think you would be worth whatever price you set.

  17. Hi Lauren~

    Love your little mats!! Of course the blue one is my favorite. Pricing my creations is always the toughest part of creating.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  18. Hi Lauren...love your hooked mats and loved your math course. I have a terrible time pricing my hooked items...the hubs says I dont charge enough for all the time I put in but I look at what I would be willing to pay and even then its a stretch...thats why I got into hooking in the first place, because I couldnt afford them made by others. I have had people get upset though that I priced mine too low...you're right, they take it as offense to all hookers...I say "get over yourself"
    But you shold try to sell them ...they are really nice, well they will be once you finish them...does anyone actually LIKE to do that part ???

  19. HI Lauren!
    Love your rugs! Pricing has always and will always very what ever medium you are working in. Yes a following sure helps. If someone wants it bad enough they will pay. However, most people(non hand workers) do not understand the love and time it takes to make a piece.

  20. Lauren, I love your little heart rugs.

    Pricing is indeed a pain in the ***.

    When I took my basic hooking course in 2003 we were given two guidelines for pricing our rugs based on a 1990 assessment.


    The second one was
    Basic price = $50.00 per Sq ft.
    Original design = add $10.00 per square ft.
    Adapted design= add $5.00 per sq ft.
    Hand dyed woven wool = add $18.00
    Purchased hand dyed woven wool = add $10.00 per sq ft.
    Intricate shading 75% of work = add$10.00 per sq ft.
    Partial shading 50% of work = add $5.00 per sq ft.
    Width of strips fine#3 = add $5.00 per sq ft.
    Width of strips fine #4 cut = add $2.00 per sq ft.
    Sculptured hooking = add $10.00 per sq ft.
    Quality of workmanship & visual appeal= Add $20.00 per sq ft
    Comercial pattern = add price of pattern.
    Total cost of all material = add

    This was drafted by a committee consisting of Mary Saunders, Doris Eaton, Kay Magwood and Doreen Wright for the guild Annual meeting October 20, 1990 for the purpose of insuring your rugs when on loan for display.

    I just thought that since I had this old information and prices it might be useful for some of your readers.
    Hugs. JB

  21. I LOVE your heart mats, ecpecially the colors of the first one. So Beautiful.

  22. Wonderful, whimsical, mats dear Lauren. You've got me "hearts' down...." And - ahhh, yeah - the pricing thing. Always makes me think I should hook for sale - then, again, as slow as I hook, we'd all starve. ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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