Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Swap Goodies ~

I participated in my first swap ever hosted by Amy over at Bumble Bee Lane CottageAmy paired me with fellow hooker Margie of Hungry Hook Primitives.  Margie spoiled me rotten :)
I received this hooked mat in perfect fall colors and a bundle of fall colored wool.

Margie is a fantastic hooker.  Check out the perfect loops!

There was also a trio of hand stitched pin keeps.  They smell divine.  I haven't quite figured out how the other bowl fillers were made, but they are coated in wax.

Another sweet little hooked piece.

Now isn't this just too cool? A perfect item for the pug lover in me!

Last, but certainly not least, this sweet little towel.  (No, Miss Cranky Crow.  You can't have it :)  )

A great big thank you to Margie for all my wonderful goodies.  I will find a special place for each and every item!

* * * * *

In less than 12 hours I'm heading out to the ATHA biennial so I think it's time to start packing!  (After I catch up with a few blogs...lol!)

Pug hugs :)


  1. Hi Lauren, Have fun and your goodies looked great.Cheri

  2. Lauren, OMG!! so many wonderful goodies from Margie! She's a sweetheart!!! Love them all! OLM

  3. Lucky you! What a wonderful haul! Everything is just perfect.

  4. Oh lauren you really got some amazing goodies!
    have fun.

  5. Wow! LOVE all your goodies from Margie! They will look great no matter where you put them!
    Have fun at the Biannual and take extra camera batteries! LOL!
    The walnuts are now liquid dye! It's been fun learning about them and seeing what I can do! Thanks so much again for sending them! Talk soon!
    Travel safely!
    Cathy G

  6. Wow! Swaps are so much fun! Great swap goodies ... Love the pug board ... Have a great week.

  7. Lauren, what wonderful goodies. Have a safe trip to Lancaster, one of my very favorite places on God's green earth! Looking forward to future hooking updates, stay safe, Julie.

  8. Love all the goodies, so kind of her, just great work on it all!

  9. Wow!! Love it all. I sure would love to go to Rebecca Erb's!! Have a great time in PA.. Julie

  10. Oh...you cut me to the quick Missy Lauren...How did you possibly know what I was going to say??? ;o) Love, love, love it - and all your other wonderful goodies....Margie did you up good and proper - don't even know where to begin commenting - her hooked pieces are awesome (and for someone who knows what goes into hooking, it is always an extra special treat) - but, gee, I didn't know she did stitcheries...and that pug board is too stinking cute!! Love it all...Lucky you....(And, are you SURE??) ;o) Safe travels, friend...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. My goodness, Lauren...you hit the jackpot! Beautiful items..have fun on your trip!

  12. Lauren~ Wonderful goodies from Margie! Love the pug board and the hooked mat.The little pumpkin stitchery is sweet too.So glad you joined in.Have a safe trip to Lancaster only a hour away if you want to drop by..smile..Seriously have a wonderful time.~Amy

  13. Love that star mat!!!
    Have a great trip!

  14. What great swap goodies!

    Hope you have a smashing time in PA...the drive over should be gorgeous...

  15. What a great swap "haul," Lauren!!! Wow! Love the hooked items...lucky you :0)

  16. Oh my what wonderful goodies you got you lucky girl you!!!

  17. Wow, Lauren, what a great swap. Everything is just so nice. Enjoy, you deserve it. JB

  18. Safe travels to you Lauren! I know you'll have a good time :)
    What an awesome package. How perfect for you, and so generous!!

  19. Wonderful swap goodies Lauren!! I love the little hooked picture.

    Have a great time on your adventure.



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